Trailer: Radhika Apte Portrays The Role Of A Psycho In ‘Phobia’

We, at CRB Tech, found that the producers of Radhika Apte’s up and coming movie “Phobia” have discharged the trailer of the film and it seems, by all accounts, to be everything that a psychological thriller ought to be. The trailer of “Phobia” demonstrates that Radhika plays the character of a young lady who is scared of leaving her house and in the meantime she fears staying inside.

The trailer of the film demonstrates that Radhika’s character, Mehak, is experiencing serious agoraphobia, an anxiety issue in which the sufferer thinks the earth to be hazardous. She is seen intensely sweating and freezing when she tries to confront the world outside. The fear is clearly visible all over and that expression may scare the hellfire out of you.

The video likewise suggests that she builds up the phobia after she turns into a victim to sexual assault. As though that was not enough, there are some more spine-chilling incidents like finding a cut finger in her ice box which traps her in a limbo of fear and phobias.

This phobia influences her life so much that a point comes where she discovers hard to stay even inside the house. She feels caught and totally segregated. She gets to be eager when she doesn’t comprehend where to go in light of the fact that she fears everything and all over the place now. This movie will indicate how any kind of phobia can make ones’ life miserable.

Radhika Apte

The actress is known for conveying powerful exhibitions and looks like this will be a standout amongst the most intense roles that Radhika has played on screen to date. The trailer incorporates much activity and rush and it is sufficient to keep the gathering of people snared. In any case, this Hindi movie “Phobia” appears to have uncanny resemblance to a 2014 Hollywood movie by the same name, featuring Michael Jefferson. The lead character in the Hollywood film likewise suffers from the same anxiety issue after his wife dies in a car accident.

Directed by Pawan Kripalani, “Phobia” is the primary psychological thriller of Radhika’s career and she is exceptionally excited about the movie. “Phobia is the principal psychological of my career furthermore a standout amongst the most difficult and complex characters that I have ever played,” Radhika advised to a main day by day.

The movie produced by Sunil Lulla and Viki Rajani will hit the silver screens on May 27. We, at CRB Tech, are awaiting the release soon.

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