Wipro mulling to sue ex-employee Shreya Ukil Succeeds

CRB Tech comes with the latest news of a woman techie winning a landmark lawsuit against a giant MNC.

The remarkable win of Shreya ukil , a 40 year old Indian woman and a former techie at the Wipro office in London, has come as ray of hope for career oriented women who are still fighting or are silently getting victimized by predatory and misogynist culture of harassment at work. Ukil won the landmark lawsuit in a British court against the IT major for sacking her on grounds of gender discrimination, unequal pay and victimization.


Shreya’s counsel Slater Gordon said in a statement from London on Wednesday.”The Wipro leadership team, including its (then) chief executive T.K. Kurien, conspired to push Ukil out of her job and her role in Britain. “Shreya was victimized by Wipro’s leadership for voicing about sex discrimination, unequal pay ,a culture of sexism and unfair dismissal.

Ukil worked with Wipro for almost 10 years and received numerous performance awards. Ukil sued the Bengaluru-based outsourcing firm in October 2015, seeking one million pounds compensation for gender prejudice, unequal pay and sexual harassment at work. As a solution to the complain, the company sacked Ukil and her superior Manoj Punja, 54.The company then said that they were relieved from service after an internal inquiry finding that they were into a relationship which was not reported and is against company policy.


Owing to this, Ukil, the then sales and market development manager for Wipro’s back office operations in London, filed the lawsuit with the central London employment tribunal, with claims that she was forced into an affair by Punja, the then head of its business process outsourcing (BPO) office in London.

Wipro in it’s statement said “Wipro Limited is pleased as the UK Employment Tribunal has upheld the dismissal of the complainant from the services of the organization as appropriate and rejected claims of adverse cultural attitude towards women in the organization.”

The company has been building its business over the years by ensuring its adherence to the highest standards of honesty, fairness, and ethical corporate practices. Any transgression of these beliefs and policies will be dealt with fastest and with the strictest action.

Ukil in a statement said that “I hope that following this judgment, companies will again reconsider their treatment of female employees, ensuring they are treated fairly and equally”.


As the world can never stand for a said reason , with an exception to the world’s last day; there are mixed speculations from people of all diversities. When many are in words of appreciation and expressed congratulation to Ukil there, others dropped a doubt of how can someone be forced into an affair like state. Some male counterparts are of opinion that they get paid lesser than women colleagues so does that mean they should raise legal alarm ?…..So whatever it is, the bottom line is that a woman techie was wrongfully victimized but her undaunted spirit helped her won a legal battle against a corporate giant.

CRB Tech presents a review on the triumph of Shreya Ukil against the giant Wipro.

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