Mother’s Day….. A Special Sunday

With all these media hype , Mother’s Day has made a big place for itself in the international calendar. Though every day is a day of gratitude , yet on this day all moms are surprised with special care and love from their children. A day when mothers get some special treatment and acknowledgement….a day full of extra love and attention….a day which acknowledges their sacrifices and efforts.


A common trend in Facebook is #Motherhooddare…..wish they would have written it as #Motherhoodcare …… a synonym for selfless care. To this we would like to quote Helena Hunt Jackson; “Motherhood is priced Of God, at price no man may dare To lessen or misunderstand.”

On this day people take to social media and express their gratitude and love, share photos and stories. Again some critical minds are of the opinion that since their mother are not in social sites then why do they showcase. Well if you think this has public display, then keep your opinion up to yourself; why bother others.

In midst of all these celebrations, CRB Tech Solutions would like to reflect that does motherhood is a term that can be confined to our ignorance? Motherhood is a journey, the ultimate bliss of womanhood. In words of Osho when a child is born; a mother is also born. She never existed before though the woman did. Literally Motherhood is the state or experience of having or raising a child. The pre state of conception makes her pregnant; but not a mother. So when the world express their respect to the biological moms why are the adoptive moms are lesser acknowledged?…A matter to contemplate!

MotherAn Adoptive mother possess not only the natural mother instinct, but the compassion and realization of the situation that brings a child into her arms and transform her into a mother. The urge to have ones own child is booming the surrogacy business, not bad to use high end technology to bring life on this earth; but why at the cost of women exploitation as a consequence in the developing and under developed countries.

Well to make things lighter after expressing a serious concern, mother is a mother and is beyond judgment; only if her teachings don’t create harm to the kid and the society. As every child is unique; so is every mother.

Respect and love your mother, give her all special attention and acknowledgement on this day and everyday.

Loads of love and respect towards all the mothers from CRB Tech Solutions.

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