All Four Accused Of The Keenan-Reuben Murder Case Are Held Guilty By Mumbai Court

India in its march towards offering justice for pending cases , sentenced life imprisonment for all the four accused of the shocking 2011 Keenan-Reuben murder case.

As per latest news ,Special Women’s Court Judge Vrushali Joshi said the accused will be in jail for the rest of their life.

While enunciating its order, the court sentenced the four accused, Jitendra Rana, Sunil Bodh, Satish Dulhaj and Dipak Tival to life imprisonment. Keenan Santos (24) and Reuben Fernandez (29) were killed while fighting eve-teasers who reportedly misbehaved with their female companions at Amboli in suburban Andheri on 20 October, 2011.


The duo were attacked when they tried to shield their women companions from the group of men who were misbehaving with them. The group retreated only to return to the spot with over ten aides and brutally assaulted Keenan and Reuben in full public view.

Keenan succumbed to his injuries the same night. Reuben died on October 31

Judge Joshi held the four accused guilty of murder, humiliating the women and other charges of the Indian Penal Code, which sparked fury and debate about the safety of Indian women in public places.

Ujjwal Nikam, Special public prosecutor, said all charges of the prosecution have been proved in the case. Nikam added that there are direct evidences to show that the accused were eve teasing and molesting the girls when the victims tried to intervene and stop. This was a pre determined murder and the victims had been threatened with life and then the accused came back with weapons and carried out the attack.

However, Nikam does not press for capital punishment for the accused as the conspiracy charge against them was not proved and the case did not fall under the category of the ‘rarest of the rare’.

Benjamin, who was with his brother, Reuben, on that ill fated night expressed his content over the judgment.


Valerie recounted his son Keenan’s words before he succumbed to his injuries, ‘You’ll see what I have done someday’… Now, he realizes that his son lost his life standing up for someone.

Reacting to the court order, Keenan’s father Valerian Santos said, “After a lot of pain, the court has finally given the verdict what we wanted.” He continued with an emotional breakdown that he’s not saying that the culprits should be caught and sent to gallows immediately; but the judicial system should speed up.

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