Captain America: Civil War’ review by CRB Tech

Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War hit the theaters and so far the film’s combination of hero-on-hero violence and ideological exchanges is inspiring with viewers and critics. But it’s been daring audiences to take a side for months, so The Verge’s Bryan Bishop and Tasha Robinson sat down to figure out whether Civil War was alluring.

Captain America

And in case it wasn’t clear, let’s make it clear: We’re going to point out spoilers

The MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) is a strange but wonderful place. They are coming up with ventures including biggest superheroes to the tiniest and each is finding fans and are money makers.

The Captain America of Civil War is older and every Avenger is still reeling from the aftermath of Sokovia . An event of that proportion was going to have massive security damage.

It happens in Lagos, Nigeria. A group of eco-terrorists breaks into a Center for Infectious Diseases outpost to steal a biological weapon, even as some of the Avengers, under Captain America’s command, try to foil their plans. The terrorists fail but the heroes are unable to save innocents.

Captain America

And so there’s a backlash….the UN wants control. Tony Stark aka Iron Mon agrees with Secretary of State, in getting the supers to adhere to what they call The Sokovia Accords while Steve Rogers aka Captain America feels the super powered team is best governed from the core. It splits the Avengers into two groups.

Moreoevr when King T’Chaka of Wakanda is assassinated in Vienna during a peace conference and Steve’s best buddy The Winter Soldier aka Bucky Barnes is spotted on cameras walking away from the scene,hell befalls. T’Challa son of T’Chaka’s seeks revenge. When Steve finds Bucky, he doesn’t remember a thing and insists he was never in Vienna; and that’s the way he’s being framed.

Of course, there’s a dead-end…….skeletons tumble out of closets when you least expect them. New superheroes are introduced to the larger scheme of things . The first half builds on the conflict of ideologies and friendships while the second half portrays the outcome when actions meet reactions.

Well now to the fair parts: Peter Parker aka Spider-Man is introduced to the gang. You’re gonna love Tom Holland; a perfect cast. Paul Rudd as Scott Lang/ Ant-Man and Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch get ample screen time. The rest of the Avengers are the reason why you buy the ticket in the first place. Brühl plays the main villain Zemo, who keeps you guessing about his intentions for bringing down the Avengers.

Captain America

It’s disappointing that Hulk was withdrawn for this one. Thor was left attending to all matters as guardian. Agent Carter grew old… and died. Hawkeye returns a bit late. Vision gets to dogmatize a lot…… he’s getting too possessive of Wanda and that makes it creepy. Tony is undergoing a trial separation from Pepper, he’s getting hurt from all the blames from people who lost loved ones in the Avengers‘ battles to save the world.

By the way you’re going to find a million excuses to watch this film anyway : Well designed costumes….Evans looks amazing, RDJ’s cocky Stark has never looked so unsure of himself. Their face-off is to be watched to be believed. ScarJo’s Black Widow is in top form. Tom Holland is all set to become the best-Spider-Man ever. And watching the full movie won’t be a waste of money either.

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