WOW!! Girl made to strip by Monkeys

Sometimes the animals can act pretty weird and we are just amused by the fact that they do have a better sense of humor than humans. Here is an video where we see some monkeys going way out of their league to strip out this girl. We all are now reeling with the fact that was the intention of the monkey really playful or were they really wanted to have some real action or scene. The photos os this has gone viral making the things worse for her.

women gets stripped by monkey

Charmian Chen, who simply happens to be a model, was going to the Sacred Monkey Forest Ubud in Bali a month ago when two of the primates chose she was somewhat overdressed. The 22-year-old understudy, from Taiwan, was on vacation on the tropical Indonesian island bolstering since a long time ago tailed macaques when she was singled out.

The two macaques clearly recognized a bit of corn that had tumbled down Ms Chen’s top and chose they needed it back. In spite of her valiant effors to fight it off, one monkey figured out how to pull down her top leaving the red-confronted model to cover herself as well as can be expected, with her hands. 


Be that as it may, what ought to have been an entertaining occasion closet glitch has wound up catapulting Ms Chen to web superstardom. Photos of the episode have made feature news in her local Taiwan, with TV stations requesting that her show up and discuss it.

The pictures have likewise spread far and wide, showing up on website locales and discussions in the U.S. also, Britain.

She said: ‘I was on vacation and at first the photos were simply clever, yet when I returned to Taiwan I had every one of these individuals attempting to include me as companions Facebook.

‘I believed “that is somewhat weird”, and afterward one of them said they’d seen the photos and I was truly astonished, the following thing I knew I had TV stations ringing me.

Ms Chen said the macaques, and additionally being eager, were likewise pulled in to swimming outfits worn by numerous guests.

She included: ‘I think when they brought my top down it was a result of the corn yet the recreation center staff caution guests that brilliant swimsuits worn under dresses do draw in the monkeys. ‘I believe it’s the brilliant hues which they think may be organic product, well I don’t think about that yet it was extremely peculiar at the time.’ 

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