WhatsApp Lands On Windows & Mac; Disney’s Farewell To Infinity; Sign In With Slack.

With the regular development of technology and its utility we get knew features and lose a few. Good news is that WhatsApps now arrives on Windows and Mac…..Signing with Slack is a new thing…..Mozilla brings back Firefox Test Pilot…..Bad news :Disney Infinity is no more & remembering that time the BBC interviewed a wrong man.


WhatsApp Lands on Home windows & Mac

In keeping with people’s demand; the company has released apps for Windows (8 or higher) and Mac (OS X 10.9 or higher); so now you can use WhatsApp on your desktop.

But you still need to have WhatsApp on your phone, as the computer app syncs the data across from the mobile app, delivering the messages and attachments from your mobile to your Pc. So the desktop app yet retains its dependency on the mobile app…..a little underwhelming though.

But for those who would rather message using their PC or Mac while keeping their phone tucked firmly in their pocket, this development is good.

Disney’s bade adieu to Infinity

Bad news is that Disney has announced it will stop producing Disney Infinity titles or characters. After the two releases in the coming weeks — Alice Through the Looking Glass and Finding Dory — the Game is Over.

Disney Infinity is an interactive sandbox game which can be expanded through play sets and collectible characters. The idea was that Disney Infinity would grow indefinitely, with parents spending money to keep their kids entertained.

But with Disney killing off Infinity, it seems not enough parents were spending the kinds of cash to keep it viable.

Sign In to Other Apps With Slack

Collaboration platform Slack has launched Sign in with Slack, a new feature that lets you sign into a range of other services using your Slack credentials. An offer though very similar to that of Google, Facebook, Twitter…..

Companies already offering Sign in with Slack include Quip, Figma, Kifi, and OfficeVibe.

Interested developers should read the Sign in with Slack walk-through available on the Slack API site.


Mozilla Launches Firefox Test Pilot

Google Chrome is now the undisputed king of the Web browsers. But Mozilla isn’t giving up putting with competitors. Firefox has hundreds of millions of users around the world, and they’re demanding new features and fixes for their favorite browser.

In those response , Mozilla has launched Firefox Test Pilot. This is a program allowing users to try out experimental new features before they get rolled into the standard Firefox browser.

Anyone using Test Pilot can offer feedback and suggestions to those developing the features, and this data will help Mozilla determine whether or not each one is worth pursuing. You can download Firefox Test Pilot right now on Windows OS X, and Linux.

BBC News Interviews Guy Goma

It has been 10 years since BBC News accidentally interviewed the wrong person on live television. The incident occurred when the BBC was discussing a legal battle between Apple Inc. (of Mac and iPhone fame) and Apple Corp. (of The Beatles fame), which has since been settled to both parties’ satisfaction.


The BBC was meant to have tech journalist Guy Kewney on as a guest, but instead picked Guy Goma from anonymity. Goma was at the BBC studios to interview for a job in IT. However, he handled the situation brilliantly, answering the questions and sounding like he actually knew what he was talking about.

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