13 Facts About Friday The 13th

Whenever Friday the 13th is upon us, amidst all speculations and fear the media gets swarmed by messages and funny tweets.

And superstition about 13 measurably affects behavior. The day many believes to be the unluckiest ever. People who fear the day and the number think twice before doing anything auspicious and even mundane.

But what makes it one of the most dreaded calendar combinations in a year? We tell you 13 facts about Friday the 13th you probably didn’t know. What is it, why is it feared and what’s the chaos all about. But is Friday the 13 actually be dreaded? There are some good news too and in this CRB Tech article we would compile some facts which you probably didn’t know.

13th Friday

1) Why is it so dreadful ?

In Catholic belief, both Friday and the number 13 are commonly associated with the crucifixion of Jesus – as there were 13 people who sat around the table during the Last Supper and Jesus was crucified on a Friday. The 13th person being Judas the traitor and was responsible for the death of Jesus. Another popular theory links the superstition to the demise of the Knights Templar, a monastic military order whose members were arrested en masse by France’s King Philip IV on Friday and burnt across France.

Later, writers such as Geoffey Chaucer and Dan Brown made the fear more real by referring to the day in their books.

2)’Friggatriskaidekaphobia’ or ‘Paraskevidekatriaphobia’

Yessss! The medical term for the fear of this day. The fear of Friday the 13th is also called Frigg comes from the Norse goddess of wisdom after whom Friday is named, triskaideka meaning 13, and phobia means fear.

3) It comes in threes

It can only come thrice in a year at the most. Unfortunately, it’ll come once in a year for sure.

4) Not always unlucky

People in Italy actually finds the number 13 lucky. In fact, for them the unlucky day is Friday the 17th. Also, in many Spanish speaking countries and in Greece, Tuesday the 13th is considered an inauspicious day.

13th friday

5) A group was formed to debunk superstition

In the 1880s, the Thirteen Club was formed to debunk the superstition around number 13. Every 13th of the month, 13 members of the group would sit on the table for dinner, do everything that’s otherwise considered ominous and record how many members die over time. Eventually, it became a 400-member group, that included a number of US presidents.

6) The bad things that happened

While it may all be just a superstition but it cannot be denied that bad things happened on the day. The Nazis dropped a bomb on Buckingham Palace on September, 13 1940. It was a Friday; perhaps they took advantage of the popular superstition and make it more dreaded.

On October 13, 1989, the stock exchange suffered a major crash. Friday. The day is considered the second most damaging in market history.

So a matter of thought! Are these coincidences or really something dreadful associated with Friday the 13th.

7) The good things to mention

Well, all these can be a coincidence too because, a lot of good things happened on the day too. For instance, the Hollywood sign was revealed on Friday the 13th, 1923. And fact says that it happens to be one of the most popular signs in the world.

8) Be happy, it’s the only Friday this time

Believe it or not, 2016 witnesses only one Friday the 13th !

9) It’s lucky for Taylor Swift

The day is lucky for heartthrob singer Taylor Swift. Everything associated with number 13 is auspicious for her.

10) You can bargain on Friday the 13th

It has been said that many people are superstitious about traveling on the day, so you could probably check flight tickets and get the cheapest rates on this day.

11) NO to the number 13

Did you know in many high rise buildings, there is no 13th floor, and many hospitals and hotels across the world do not have room number 13? But can actually the 13 can be missed while counting?

12) It was TRENDING last week

Whether believe it or not , whether dread it or not…..It trended and people took to Twitter and other social media to express their comments and opinion.

13) The statement “Today is Friday the 13th”

….which is a good news that tomorrow is Saturday the 14th and means weekend.

And if a full moon associates with Friday the 13th, then it adds more effect to it; astrologers take to all sort of rubbish predictions and try making money out of people’s fear.

13th Friday

A movie named Friday the 13th was released in 1980. The film tells the story of a group of teenagers who are murdered one by one while attempting to re-open an abandoned campground. It is considered one of the first “true” slasher movies.

Initially the film got a negative review from film critics; but in the following years it received much more positive retrospective reviews and became a cult classic.

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