An E-mail by cofounder of Google’s Android proved that one should be very careful while sending a work mail.

CRB Tech has come across the latest news that in Google’s ongoing legal conflict with Oracle, an e-mail sent by Android co founder Andy Rubin in 2006, may end up costing a huge monetary loss for Google.
The case is whether or not Google violated Oracle’s copyright by putting key pieces of the Java technology into the Android operating system.

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Java was first developed by Sun Micro systems, but later the company was acquired by Oracle in 2009. Shortly after the purchase, Oracle filed a series of lawsuits against Google alleging contravention.
To prove its case, Oracle’s legal team discovered an e-mail from 2006, where Rubin stated that the Java programming language APIs were copyrighted by Sun.
This e-mail shows that Rubin, who was then leading Android was aware that the Java APIs are copyrightable and also that Google was intentionally and purposefully bypassed Sun’s copyright. If the jury has to calculate damages owed to Oracle, this could end up seriously hurting Google.
Google has been contending that APIs are not subject-able to copyright . But back in 2014, an appeals court found in favor of Oracle in this lawsuit and ruled that APIs are, indeed, copyrightable.
This e-mail doesn’t necessarily sink Google’s case totally. The lawsuit is still ongoing, and Google’s defense hinges on the concept of “fair use,” claiming that it was legally allowed to use the Java APIs in Android, regardless of whether or not Oracle can copyright them.Android
And while Rubin took a look at his e-mail , said hat he merely meant the APIs are not copyrightable though the implementation of the APIs is; there is a subtle but important distinction.
But if the jury finds against Google in this case, Rubin’s e-mail could be a big factor in determining the damages awarded to Oracle. With Oracle asking for $9 billion in damages, this one e-mail could cost Google millions or billions.
One has to very careful in documenting his words. The lesson goes be careful what you say on your work e-mail account, or your company Slack channel, or anywhere a record is kept – you don’t know when and where it’ll come back to haunt you.
There is an updated news regarding Google stock dialer app. The Play Store doesn’t allow installing on any other phones other than the Nexus models. Google also prevented the application from being installed on devices without the Nexus label in the future. It has updated the application and effectively blocked sideloading .CRB Tech WordPress
Fans were glad when it was unlocked to a good number of devices beyond the Nexus line. But when Google took away the feature, many fans were not happy.
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