World’s Best Batsman Kohli Strikes Again In IPL 2016

In their recorded making ,nine-wicket win over Kolkata Knight Riders, Chris Gayle’s performance proved to be one of the biggest positives for Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) at the Eden Gardens on Monday, the 16th.
But Gayle’s return to form was eclipsed by another Virat Kohli-AB de Villiers duo. The special duo scored 115 runs in 11.1 overs, their fifth partnership worth more than 100 runs in this year’s Indian Premier League (IPL), to bat the Knight Riders out of the game.

Virat Kohli
CRB Tech congratulates Kohli and his team on their triumph.
Mesmerized by another mind blowing display from Kohli, Gayle was in full praise for his skipper as a complete cricketer.
Gayle said he would congratulate Kohli on his achievement. In his praise Gayle said that after two more games Kohli might get 900 runs and if they qualify for the playoffs, then 1000 as well, might be.
Gayle said that its always isn’t about power hitting but about right shot selection, rather right decision at the right moment and Kohli is very apt at it. He throws himself around the field and is a complete cricketer.
Gayle acknowledged that he hasn’t been in good form but he was happy with the way he performed on Monday. Even though you might be a big player, sometimes you might need a reminder about your greatness. Gayle expressed his happiness about his fans and said that nothing has been big so far, so there is a big acceptance in 49.
Gayle said he loves playing cricket at Eden Gardens and being nostalgic said it was once his home ground and he knows the ground conditions very well. He said that they actually won the World T20 there; it’s a hunting ground for him and he’s happy to be among runs on monday.

V Kohli
One thing that stood out in the clash was the support for the visitors. The chants of “RCB…RCB” went up even when the home team was doing well. Gayle expressed that it was not surprising as they have a huge fan base who loves to see fours and sixes. Gayle in his applause said that Indians love entertainment and love to be entertained.CRB Tech WordPress
Virat Kohli is an inspirational youngster and a self made successful cricketer. He sees every challenge as an opportunity and welcomes it with open arms. Probably this attitude reasons his stupendous success as a batsman while chasing targets. He plays all the cricketing shots and goes for the fancy ones only when needed. He has got all the basics ticked and that is why people go berserk seeing his success in the era of modern-day cricket where power-hitting is or has become a must.

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