Hyundai Unveils Human Exoskeleton Robot

If you are a Hollywood fan and love watching technologically advanced movies of super heroes, then you must have seen Iron Man and if not not then make time for it. In Iron Man, Tony Stark, an industrialist and master engineer, builds a powered human exoskeleton robot and becomes the technologically advanced superhero Iron Man.

CRB Tech has come across a news that South Korean auto giant Hyundai Motor Group has unveiled a wearable robot that can be applied in many areas including military and production lines.


The company known for mid-level sedans is now in the market of making mech suits. Of course, they are still in their Mark I phase, but it’s a big step into the future of putting man inside a machine. It is though meant for commercial purposes but might have diverse applications.

The suit appears to be a development of Hyundai’s H-LEX platform……but is actually more of a Mark II suit, based on a previous prototype of their Hyundai Life caring robotic exoskeleton suit they debuted last year. That one was heavy and clunky, but held the promise of lifting loads beyond the scope of most humans as well as helping those who could not walk find the ability to do so again.

This new version streamlines a lot of the aesthetics of the original, while focusing on form and functionality. Though it’s more lightweight and easier to move around in, yet it still allows you to lift a few hundred extra pounds on top of your normal lifting ability.

The wearable robot under development is known to help the controller by enhancing overall physical strength, making it possible to lift an object weighing over 60 kg and assist him or her walk and go up stairs.

It can be used in assisting people with disabilities and the elderly to walk and engage in diverse activities.

So Hyundai would like to see you in a robotic exoskeleton in the near future!

Hyundai hopes their H-LEX (Hyundai Life caring Exoskeleton)suits will be adapted for work in factories and for the disabled.


But it is still pretty big and unwieldy. Its back piece, which holds the motor, computer, and most of the robotics, is big ; in fact, it’s rather off-putting. The hand grips are very awkward claws, and the system appears to be tethered to power at a source. So motion would be limited by how far the chords will let you go. It’s very different from Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit.

However there are other companies working on inventions that might benefit people in the immediate future. One of them is the “wearable chair.” The Archelis is designer to help take pressure off the back for people who work in environments where they are forced to stand around most of the day — doctors, hosts, and factory workers. Though not a mech suit, but sometimes you don’t need an overpowered robotic exoskeleton to do the job for you.

No word yet on when Hyundai will be releasing their H-LEX, or what the price tag would be ? That keeps us wondering……

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