12 Wackiest Nokia Phone Models

Nokia is credited to be the the maker of most people’s first mobile.

Although their best-known model is probably the mighty and unbreakable 3310, Nokia were also famous for their wackiest mobiles with  models or designs.

Nowadays, you have the choice of only one prominent phone design: the touch-screened smartphone. But ten years ago, Nokia mobile devices were diverse, innovative and in some cases with strange features, in order to meet consumer demands.

Here at CRB Tech we listed 12 of the odd/unique models, as per web sources:

1) Nokia 7600

Nokia 7600

Ina time when most phones were rectangle, Nokia introduced a bizarre teardrop shaped device, and it went on sale in 2003.


A 128 x 160 pixel screen with 65,000 colors

 Ran only on the 2G GPRS network

But the menu-scrolling pad at the bottom of the device was awkwardly placed, making it difficult to navigate with one hand. Even calling people meant holding the device at a 45-degree angle.

2) Nokia 7280

Nokia 7280

A daring design, launched in 2004, with no dialing pad and was one of the first devices on the market. It didn’t even have a touch-screen display.


Thin-film transistor (TFT) screen with 65,000 colors

Thin and bright, colorful display, a slim and sleek design

A VGA camera (rare for the time);had to be operated by an iPod-like wheel

One physically had to spin the navigation dial which resulted in sore thumbs.

3) Nokia N93

Nokia N93

Released in 2006, was one of the first N-series devices


Flip phone ; contorted to different positions and twisted into almost any layout

3.15-mega pixels

It enabled to play games with 3D graphics processor. It ran the Symbian Series 60 OS allowing business users to email and send instant messages.

4) Nokia 3650

Nokia 3650

Being a ‘business’ phone, the Nokia 3650 was a game-changer to Nokia’s device principles. The phone was heavy to accommodate a larger battery, but was sleek in design and thinner than most of the other phones on the market at the time.


A large 176 x 206 pixel thin-film transistor (TFT) display

Released in 2003, a desirable but very expensive phone; the keypad layout was strange and resembled a 1950’s rotary phone dial. Ran the Symbian Series 60 software, it included document editing, mobile Web browsing , features yet then at infancy.

5) Nokia 6800

Nokia 6800

Released in 2003, brought the QWERTY physical keyboard and made it a connecting link between the dial keypad phones  and the BlackBerry-like devices.

6) Nokia 7070 Prism

Nokia 7070 Prism

Released in 2008,it was a design feat over anything else. Its main feature was a jagged, prism-like design on its outer casing and a similar designed yet standard layout keypad.

7) Nokia 7700

Nokia 7700

It was a failed all-inclusive, multimedia, and business-focused smartphone that unfortunately was never released. With its strange curved shell, it felt more like a digital camera than a phone.

8) Nokia 8910i

Nokia 8910i

One of Nokia’s first ‘business’ phones and was housed in a titanium shell.

But one of the major problems with an all-metal device, particularly in cold regions was like  holding something frozen to your head each time you wanted to call because the titanium shell would retain almost no heat.

9) Nokia 7710

Nokia 7710

touchscreen phone — one of the first on the market — the successor to the never-released Nokia 7700.

With a 640 x 320 pixel screen in a 3.5-inch display, it was a heavy device but fit snugly . It also ran Symbian Series 90 and even included Flash support in the in-built browser.

10) Nokia 9210i Communicator

Nokia 9210i Communicator

A true business and enterprise-focused phone, it was powered by an 52 MHz ARM 9 processor and operated Symbian 6.0 on a Series 80 user interface — a design unique to the Communicator range of phones. But it was thick, heavy, and would eclipse the face of the caller.

11) Nokia X3-02

Nokia X3-02

This was Nokia’s first dual touch type device. The device came with Facebook and Twitter applications and had a 5-megapixel camera.

12) Nokia N-Gage

Nokia N-Gage

Nokia’s first dedicated gaming phone, released in 2003. It was the first Generation Y-focused phone and a showy article.

The drawback was that the device had to be held vertically and on its 90-degree edge — which made anyone actually phoning  look like odd.

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