Sonam’s Reaction On Aishwarya’s Purple Lips

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is a true head turner, though she proved it many times by her fashion sense or gestures; but the scenario is different now. She’s creating all stir not by her costume but her purple lips. She dared to wear a purple lipstick and must confess it was indeed a bold move.
Ash is a trend setter and her purple lips is the latest in trend setting. CRB tech came to know that this bold act of Ash has definitely stirred the Twitter.

Though many are gossiping around It seems Sonam Kapoor read Aishwary’s mind too well to stop talking about her. It seems Sonam can’t thinking about Ash and even more can’t stop talking and gossiping.

While she every time amazed the world with her perfect look ,sarees and gowns at Canes 2016, her appearance at the Sarbjit premiere turned most heads. The movie “Sarbjit” is based on the life of Sarabjit Singh, an Indian farmer who was convicted of spying in Pakistan and was charged for carrying out terrorist activities there. In the movie Aishwarya will be seen enacting the role of Dalbir Kaur Singh, sister of Sarbjit and Randeep Hooda plays the title role. The film will be narrated from the perspective of Dalbir, sister of the ill fated deceased who died while awaiting justice in a place far away from his county and soil. The film includes a soulful number “Meherban” that will invoke hope , strength and faith.

When Sonam was questioned about her opinion on Ash’s lips, she said that the actress must be delighted with the attention she received. According to Sonam the entire idea of fashion and make up is to be discussed and earn public attention. She stated to PTI and said that Ash on receiving such accomplishment it seems her effort got rewarded. Though Aishwarya might state sporting a purple lipstick at Cannes was a call taken by her cosmetic brand.

The Neerja starred Sonam, who is also a celebrity face for the cosmetic brand, said she liked the color and applauded Aishwarya for carrying it off with such confidence.


When interviewed if she would ever try a shade like that, the “Neerja” actress said that she had done purple lipstick in the past, even wore black for a shoot… But alas people didn’t speak about her!CRB Tech WordPress

One of Sonam’s red carpet appearance at the coveted festival, a saree-inspired long white gown, was also poked fun at. Unperturbed by it, Sonam, found the gown her best outfit and said that there were just one or two people (who cracked jokes on the dress) but she thinks that was her most incredible look. Sonam continued to state that she doesn’t take things personally and she dress for herself and feels beautiful.

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