Leaps Of faith!Lady Slips Out of Parachute When Skydiving.

The incredible video highlighted in news; depicts why the world is not yet destroyed…..Because humanity yet prevails!

A write up by CRB Tech .

The incident took place in a town in Russia where a family had to jump out of their 5th storey flat window to avoid the engulfing flames. A bystander captured the gut-wrenching moment while other neighbors and pedestrians gathered to make the dramatic rescue successful…..An example of humanity indeed!

A Russian parent was forced to throw their children from a burning fifth-storey building as smoke clouded from the windows when their apartment caught fire.

The intense video shows the family of four, dramatically leaping one by one to safety into a blanket held by a crowd of about 20 people waiting below to catch them as they fall, after a fire broke out in their apartment. Black smoke can be seen pouring from the window and flames shoot through a balcony door a few meters away.

The father, was the last one to jump, he received minor injures and was taken to nearby hospital.

One of the children was the first to jump out and land in the blanket held by the crowd. The second child followed and was also caught by the worried people who were gathering outside.

The mother followed her children and landed safely on the blanket. Then, the father stood on the balcony, crossed his chest and jumped.

The cause of the fire is yet unknown….whether an accident or due to carelessness! According to Russian media sources, the family members were hospitalized for minor burn injuries. The woman said that her husband realized that they were trapped,and that the apartment filled up with smoke and they started to choke.. It was then they decided to take the courageous leap which was the only way to save their life.

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