Solar Powered Gadgets Would Make Cycling Safer

Lumos Design Technology is creating safety gadgets for cyclists and they are making the best use of cheapest solar panels to make their inventions accessible to the mass.

Cyclists are seen often carefully meandering their way amidst the busy and heavier vehicles and in the darkness of night often get lost. And among the cacophony of cars , trucks and autorikshaws the faint ring of the cycle bell is often lost. The humble cycles often go unnoticed.


But what makes cycling an arduous task is the absence of dedicated lanes. Cycling is fast gaining popularity in the city and its very popular among the students of colleges, universities and universities. There are a handful of people who’re making travel the bumpy ride easier with innovative safety gadgets and navigation accessories.

From emergencies to directions, we rely mostly on smartphones. But these energy – hungry smartphones get quickly drained of charge when the GPS system is on. This dependency on the phone has paved way for photovoltaic smartphones. Solar backpacks and smart navigation technology.

Bengaluru-based Gandharv S Bakshi, cofounder of Lumos Design Technology said they put two aspects together and made a backpack with flexible solar panels and a modified battery bank which allows trickle- charging even in low amperes. The reason of their innovation as he cited is that whenever people goes out cycling during the day, the bag gets exposed to sunlight and while cycling the phone’s battery often threatened to go on the blink without charge.

For cyclists like Chennai-based Sandeep Pamulaparthi, the bag is a useful lifestyle accessory. In his words of appreciation, he said that the bag is a blend of technology and environment and he finds it handy even while trekking and it’s even highly economical.

As bikers may glance at their phone GPS systems for routes, they are lost once the battery goes kaput; as with the usage of GPS the battery dies faster. This led to the creation of the Hammerhead One, a T-shaped tool that guides cyclists through safe bike routes with intuitive light patterns. The device is more energy efficient because it saves a copy of the route and doesn’t require the Internet after the initial search. It is mounted on the cycle and is used with the Hammerhead mobile app, which provides routes specifically for cyclists.

Solar Gadget

The instrument uses different colors to denote directions like left, right and ‘U’ turn, making it less distracting while traveling. Unlike the phone map, which is difficult to read in the sun, this device enables the cyclist to follow the route with the help of different lights.

Safety is another concern for cyclists, especially for night travelers. Recognizing the need for safety gear, Lumos would soon introduce a backpack, Aster with front and rear profile lights, automatic break lights and indicators that glow in the dark, thus helping to prevent accidents.

Technology in India has been always creating new inventions and with startups organizations and established MNCs or research centers , India could be marching faster towards development meeting the world’s race.

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