3 Things That Alden of AlDub Can’t Live Without

Some people might be speculating about the declining popularity of Alden Richards, but is it really? Noooo! The “Pambansang Bae” continues to raise high!

Hot Alden has been utilized by Unilab to be the new endorser of Neozep.

But there is no remedy for the “AlDub” (Alden/Yaya Dub or Maine Mendoza) fever, which is yet highly contagious.

CRB Tech summaries an interview (as per sources) where Alden spoke his heart.



  • Eventually all love teams break up. So when AlDub ends, how will you reinvent yourself?

Alden said that he would focus more on his craft as an actor, but of course I wouldn’t want AlDub to end yet.

  • What fame has taught you?

Alden said that he would take advantage of the moment and use it for a common good.

  • What’s something you can’t live without?

Alden mentioned his rosary, Bible and a daily word from God.

Alden replied diplomatically stating nothing much. He continued to say that what one see gets the same.

  • If you could be a woman for a month, who would you want to be?

Mother Teresa

  • What keeps you grounded?

To this Alden replied with a smile the prayers and the support he’s getting from his loved ones and followers.

Alden Richards seriously confessed that  he doesn’t has a formal history of how many recommendations he has accumulated since capturing up to popularity as 50 percent owes to the  recognized AlDub combination.

What is obvious is that Alden is required essentially in all TV advertisements being showed off on prime time nowadays. If he’s not in some of them, his associate Maine Mendoza (Alden’s rumored girlfriend) is being endorsed  in them. Alden said he is very coy about it and he normally  doesn’t want any conversation on issues like earnings.
For now , Alden is the new experience of Neozep, reliable medication item to alleviate the common cold. Recently when the media asked if Alden’s close relatives who appear with him in a TVC for Neozep were compensated just as handsomely.

The response from Unilab’s Christine Nuevo-Lim, item administrator, was simple and easy. He said  that everyone who proved helpful in the market is taken care of effectively.

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