7 Richest Professional Beggars Of India

In this blog of CRB Tech you can know about 7 beggars who are richer than many of you. Who says beggars are compelled to beg, some might take it as profession. After reading this writeup your minds might change if earning money is your sole concern.

Even begging can earn you name and money;the need is having passion in profession.

On seeing beggars on traffic signals, footpaths, temples or outside restaurants, we pity them and hope a better life for them; but we must be unaware about the wealth they actually own behind that face.

1. Rambai:

Live in the streets of Andhra Pradesh

Daily wage: Unknown

Property worth: Unknown

Richest known beggar; her daily cloth bag had nearly 10,000 to 15,000 coins, revealed when a thief tried to steal her . She also possess nearly Rs.80,000 rupees cash in another bag. Interestingly she quoted them as her savings.


2. Sarvatia Devi

From Patna

Daily wage: Rs. 300-400

Property worth: 10 L

Her abode is behind Ashok Cinemas, Patna and is one of the most famous female beggars of India. She pays Rs 36,000 as insurance premium annually and got her daughter married and well settled. She travels across the country in trains free of costs and begging.

Sarvatia Devi

3. Haji

From Mumbai

Daily wage: 1000-2000

Property worth: 15 L

His mother and sister runs their family business ; they own a zari workshop which employ 15 employees.


4. Massu/Malana:

He hails from Mumbai

Daily wage: 1000-1500

Property worth: 30 L

Massu goes to his begging spot in an rickshaw, after changing his clothes, begs for 8-10 hours then takes an auto back home. He begs in front of big restaurants and his customers are highly drunk actors.

5. Sambhaji Kale:

He is from Virar

Daily wage: 1000-1500

Property worth: Unknown

He is the owner of a flat, two houses and a piece of land in Solapur. He also has made some investments worth thousands and around half a lakh in the bank.

Sambhaji Kale

6. Bharat Jain: India’s richest beggar

From Mumbai

Daily wage : 2000 – 2500

Property worth: 70 L

Shr begs mostly in the Parel region in Mumbai; aged 49. Apart from owning two apartments valued 70 lakhs each, he rented a juice shop there and earns 10,000 as monthly rent. He works as a professional beggar and earns Rs 60,000 approximately per month. His family runs a business which deals with study materials and school notebooks.

7. Laxmi Das:

She began her begging profession at the age of 16 in the streets of Kolkata in 1964 . She has spent her remaining life begging but also saved whatever she could. And now 50 years later she has a bank account to her name with a huge bank balance.

Its ironical that there are certain gangs in every city and they have a gang leader who manages the whole group of beggars. All their earnings go to the gang leader. Worse is the peril of children who are kidnapped, deformed or not but compelled to beg. Instead of giving alms to child beggars their appearances in the streets can be curbed if begging is discouraged.

A thought about online begging or e-begging which is the online version of traditional begging, asking strangers for money to meet immediate and other needs (money, food, and shelter). Online beggars have privileged that they can practice with anonymity, thereby reducing the shame and disgrace of begging in public.

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