Shahid Kapoor On The Crazy Character Of Tommy Singh

Udta Punjab is an upcoming crime thriller film based on drugs. Shahid Kapoor being a teetotaller found the role of playing an addict very challenging and he is very optimistic about Udta Punjab. Shahid went ahead in making a comparison with the on screen character of Joker from the movie The Dark Knight, in terms of craziness.

While expressing his opinion of the character, Tommy Singh in Udta Punjab, Shahid described him as obnoxious, rude and ill mannered. Tommy does everything wrong initially, but then his act would make him loved by everyone. The difference between the character of Tommy and the Joker from The Dark Knight is that the joker has no humanity but Tommy is a kid lost in addiction.


In response to the talk of the time that Tommy Singh’s character is based on Honey Singh, Shahid said that Tommy symbolize those celebs or stars who have led immodest lives and had been addicts.

In this article, CRB Tech briefs Shahid’s experience with Tommy Singh and Udta Punjab.

Shahid told in his interview with a leading daily that he had to prepare very hard in order to be in the shoes of Tommy Singh. He deprived himself of food and three hours of training for three months….as he had to look starved. Tommy is a huge star but he also needs to look like an addict.
Then during the shoot, he had to spend two hours daily for putting on and removing the tattoos and the long hair with streaks in them. Besides the physical part,Shahid said that the psychological part was much tougher, because he had to get inside the head of a guy who is an addict, while Shahid have never even had any alcohol or any other kind of substance. Shahid found the role very challenging.

Shahid is in full praise for Abhishek Chaubey, whose previous films — Ishqiya and Dedh Ishqiya were both critically acclaimed. Shahid said that he remembere when his father was working with Vishal (Bhardwaj) on Maqbool, he told Shahid about a very bright guy called Abhishek, who is assisting Vishal. So when Abhishek narrated him the story of Udta Punjab. In thier first meeting itself, Shahid was on board, though unplanned.
Shahid also expressed his excitement over his new role to be a father in real life. The Kapoors are expecting their first child very soon.
After years of Jab We Met, Udta Punjab would see the comeback of Shahid and Kareena Kapoor in a movie together…..Are they romancing each other?….You need to watch the movie for relieving your curiosities.CRB Tech WordPress
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