Another Case Of Moral Policing!

CRB Tech came across a video purportedly showing a police officer hitting a youth and ill treating his female friend has surfaced on social media. The incident of alleged moral policing was reported from Ulhasnagar an area of neighboring Thane district.

The video went viral on social media platforms and shows the officer being accompanied by a constable, beating the youth after asking him a few questions; adding a bad name to the Mumbai police.

A senior police inspector Mohan Waghmare, in Ulhasnagar was caught on camera assaulting a youth and verbally abusing his female friend. The incident reportedly took place on Saturday. The video shows the senior inspector beating the youth with his hands and kicking him in public view as a constable stands by. The video shows the inspector abusing the girl. The video clip went viral and sparked online reactions after it got uploaded on social media and mentioned in many news channels in India.

In words of the accused police, the couple were seated in an empty rickshaw parked in the locality. The police blamed the couple of indecent act and so took to bashing them in public view.

Waghmare asked the young couple to step out of the vehicle and after asking the guy a couple of questions, Waghmare is started beating up the youth.

The inspector is seen holding a beer bottle while beating up the youth. In words of Waghmare as told to TOI that he picked up the beer bottle that was lying around. The video also shows Waghmare using expletives while speaking to the girl, with a reference to her parents. After much pleading, he lets off the couple with a stern warning not to hang around the locality again.

Well another dimension of the video: the cop insists that the video is fake.

Even the residents of Prabhag Nagar in Ulhasnagar had complained at Hill Line police station that couples had been frequently visiting their locality and indulging in obscene acts over the last few days. On Saturday, a few residents had taken out a march to the police station to protest about the issue.

Another Case Of Moral Policing!

It is unclear as to who shot the video or circulated it on social media. Waghmare told TOI, that he visited the spot after residents led a march to the police station. In his words they found this couple seating in the auto and indulging in obscene acts. Waghmare said that he didn’t beat the youth and that the video circulated on social media is doctored.

Now a difference of opinion; while a resident supported the action, another said the police should have only warned the youngsters.

If the video is real, the police could have looked into the matter within his limitations , instead of trying to be a law. He could have taken the couple to the police station and put the guy against the bars after doing proper paper works and applying legal sections.

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