Google’s Motion Stills Will Turn Live Images Into GIFs

Free iOS app now makes it easier to create looping animations:

No need to sign in for any service; the app works offline
Technology soon to be added to other apps like Google Photo
The app will try to smooth out your shaky photos using new algorithms
In spite of their popularity, creating GIFS is still a tricky process.

But Google’s new app called ‘Motion Stills’, will allow you to easily create the animated images in only a few clicks.
Yesssss that’s right. This is an iPhone app created by Google to help you to make better GIFs.


Apple still doesn’t have a native GIF-making app of its own.
Though last year Apple introduced a cool feature called Live Photos with the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus. When turned on, the feature automatically creates short video clips out of every photo taken, by capturing a few seconds of the video just before and after the actual still image. Live Photos are similar to animated GIFs, but the animation shows up only on iDevices and a few social networks that have integrated the format.
But Google’s Motion Stills app will turn your iPhone Live Photos into actual GIFs whose motion can be seen on every devices, even those of your Android friends.
The app takes live shots, several frames are there, automatically captured before and after hitting the camera app’s shutter button and converts them into GIFs or short video clips.
Ken Conley and Matthias Grundmann from the Google Research Machine Perception team said that they use their video stabilization technology to quick freeze the background into a still photo or create sweeping cinematic versions.
The resulting GIFs and movies come alive and can very easily be shared via messaging options or on social media.Now the Technology is available in the new Motion Stills app. It might soon be added to apps like Google Photo. It can even be used to create short videos.
Short videos are perfect for creating loops, so loop optimization is added to bring out the best in the captures.
Google’s approach identifies optimal start and end points and discards blurry frames.
And as an added benefit, this fixes “pocket shots” too.
The good news is that the app works offline and users do not need to sign in to any service in order to use it. But the only requirement is to provide the app permission to access the photos on the device.
Google has pioneered this technology by stabilizing hundreds of millions of videos and creating GIF animations from photo bursts.
It can be perceived that those few seconds of what you want people to see like Loch Ness Monsters, belly flops…..will be much easier to observe.
We’re excited to see what you can create with this app. From fun family moments to exciting adventure trips with friends, try it out and let us know your opinion. Motion Stills is an ecellent on-device experience and with no fussy sign-in requirements. Even if you’re on top of a glacier without signal, your results will be generated immediately.
Why not share with your favorite clips by using #motionstills on social media.
It’s also a pretty cool and infinitely faster way to make GIFs than by taking video and converting it later.

Now you can create personalized reaction GIFs for every conversation you have!

Motion Stills is available on the Google App Store.

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