An Inside Look At Insanely Complex Formula 1 Steering Wheel

Among the most amazing machines made by sports car-makers ever, the modern Formula 1 car. Every task a driver might need to do or every bit of information he might need to know, It is literally at his fingertip. the Formula 1 steering wheel is, therefore, the most amazing ever made. It is, in every way, the neuro center of the car.

Steering Wheel
After Nico Rosberg had a spot of trouble with his steering wheel at the Barcelona Grand Prix, you might wonder what it actually looks like.
Here CRB Tech lists the buttons and their working on the Red Bull Racing team’s car (this may not be the same for other teams):
1. Engine modes: There is a dial, and an “OT” or “Overtake” button which when pressed after changing the engine mode at Turn 3 can rectify low power situation.
2. Gear lever: Would help you go up or you can push away.
3. Clutches : There’s only one clutch but two clutch paddles because when you leave the garage on a right-hand circuit, it’s difficult to operate down there. As you leave an anti-clockwise circuit, you use that lever.
4. Green neutral button to come into a pit stop.
5. This is when you want to warm the rear tyres, so you don’t spin the rear too much.
6. Pit limit : To limit your speed while coming down the track.
7. With tyres, if you’ve intermediates on, the circumference is different so you have to allow for that program of a circumference.
8. There’s the fuel usage; if you’re running too much fuel usage you have to clean the engine which costs you some time.
9. If the clutch is not engaging well you can make an adjustment here.
10. The most important button on the steering wheel is the drink button.
11. Brake balance adjust – enables you to go brake balance forward or brake balance backward.
12. Drag Reduction System (DRS): This reduces drag to allow for overtaking drives and is normally on the back and there’s a lever to open up the rear wing on the straight.

Steeling Wheel
Now more information isn’t always a pretty good thing. This is why most teams let each driver decide which wheel they prefer: the older style with the simpler display or the new wheel with the LCD.
The LCD screens have an advantage because that helps the driver know exactly that’s going on, phenomena that saved Nico Rosberg’s bacon when his car’s telemetry system failed just before the race in China.
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