Google Boy Is Celeb In A Haryana Village

At a tender age of only 5 years, eight months, when children mostly try learning and framing alphabets into words, Kautilya Pandit can name every galaxy, reel off Australia’s GDP and talk about Indonesia’s politics. Owing to his innate talent at such an incredible young age, he’s popularly named as Google Boy.

For an exceptional intelligence quotient (IQ) and memory, Kautilya has been awarded Rs 10 lakh by the Haryana government. But the real challenge for the Sharmas is ensuring that the child gets the kind of education he deserves.

Kautilya Pandit

A viral video, depicts an interview with Kautilya Pandit flaunting his unlimited memorizing power.
At one stage, his extraordinary powers scared his parents enough to make them approach the psychology department of Kurukshetra University. They were said that the child’s IQ stood around 130 points against 92-110 of a normal kid and need to pay particular attention to his schooling.

Though it was tiresome and intriguing but their patience with his questions appears to have paid off. Kautilya was on the TV show Kaun Banega Crorepati hot seat on November 14,2013 on the eve of Children’s Day. He had been invited to KBK as a celebrity. Mega-star Amitabh Bachchan, was very much impressed with the child.


Bachchan then twitted that the genius kid Kautilya Pandit, just above five years and answers questions that many scientists and knowledged (sic) persons could never answer. He posted the tweet on the night of October 25 after recording the KBC capsule featuring Pandit in Mumbai.

Kautilya’s father Satish Sharma says that there is nothing mysterious about his son’s penchant for every details. Kautilya is deeply interested in learning anything he can about different countries.

Recalling a day, Sharma, said that when he decided to encourage children in his school to break the record set by a little European girl who could point out 150 countries on the world map. He asked all the students to bring an atlas to school such that they can be taught the location of various countries. By the next day evening , Kautilya had mastered the world map. After some twenty days Kautilya knew the atlas very well.


Kautilya’s curiosity about the world around him grew rapidly. He started picking up details about countries, capitals, their economics and geographic zones.

After school Kautilya diligently sits down to read for an hour.

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