Punjab’s Lioness Knocks Down A Pro-wrestler

CRB Tech has come across a shocking viral video where a Punjabi girl took away the breathe from a professional wrestler.

Facebook page Punjabi Viral Videos uploaded the video and it’s a SAVAGE.

Indian girls and to mention Punjabi’s are lovely, cheerful and most jovial until you mess with them. Standing true to this, a Punjabi woman clad in salwar-kameez took down a pro wrestler at a wrestling event, and the video since then went viral on cyberspace.

On Facebook, a video is uploaded on a page titled ‘Punjabi Viral Videos’, which shows a Punjabi woman clad in the traditional salwar kameez taking the breath out of a wrestler.

The video called ‘Punjaban Lioness’ seems to be a clip from ‘G8 CWE’…. a pro-wrestling program from Punjab.

The Punjabi woman was so angry that wrestlers and volunteers had to iinterfere in order to pull her away from her fallen opponent.

But like any other pro-wrestling shows ( WCW or WWE ), there are allegations that this too might be staged.

The Great Khali, Indian world famous professional wrestler went on to become the World Heavyweight Champion with the World Wrestling Entertainment, launched Continental Wrestling Entertainment (CWE) last November. Its a professional wrestling promotion and training school.

Rill date, the training school has conducted three events and we came across a footage from one of these events today. The video is shared by a Facebook page called Punjabi Viral Videos, where a professional woman wrestler is seen giving an open challenge to the crowd. The challenger looks confident and intimidating .

A woman wearing a simple yellow salwar-kameez, half the pro-wrestler’s size, accepts the challenge thrown by a professional wrestler during an event and enters the ring. In less than a minute, both women flip their microphones away and bang! The pro-wrestler ruthlessly pushes the Indian girl who seem to have no experience in wrestling.

The woman is a former Haryana police officer and power-lifting and mixed martial arts champion Kavita, is seen knocking down the woman wrestler, BB Bull Bull, within minutes as the crowd cheers on.

She challenged other women in the crowd which is very exciting.

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