Bhouri…..Story Of A Beauty Among Beasts

Jasbir Bhati impressed us with many TV shows, most popular was Kkusum. Now he is back with his Bollywood debut, his first directorial venture Bhouri, released on 17th June 2016. The movie is set in a village, depicting social and rural issues of being a beautiful Indian woman.

After reading this article by CRB Tech a question would come to your mind, if being beautiful is a curse for a woman/lady in rural India. Bhouri may not have the glamor and attractive star cast like other Bollywood movies but the story of Bhouri and the acting of Marsha Paur, Raghubir Yadav, Kunika, Aditya Pancholi, Shakti Kapoor is enough for the movie to be remembered. The film’s cast includes a newbie, a Scottish lady, who plays the love interest of Raghubir Yadav. Masha Paur is basically from Scotland and this is her first ever movie.

Bhati said that he wrote the film’s script along with his friend. They have been working on this script since 2006 and after its completion, they approached producer Chandrapal Singh,who immediately jumped on board.

The film is set in the backdrop of rural India, my film deals with various social issues of women and Bhouri is beautiful and tragically she goes through horrible ordeal because of her beauty. The film highlights the exploitation of women in a male-dominated society. It’s a heart-wrenching love story.

The story revolves around a farmer aged 55, who gets married to a beautiful lady named Bhouri who is 23 years old at the time of her marriage. After tying the nuptial knot, when he brings her to his village after marriage, every man of the village start desiring for her, and as a result, life becomes hell for the couple. Watch the whole movie to know how Bhouri found a solution to deal with the situation and that says a lot about how those men actually see into a woman, married or not.

The movie portrays the plight of a poor beautiful lady in a society which is full with wolves in the form of humans.
The film is produced under Singh’s banner of S. Video Pictures Pvt Ltd.

Since the movie Udta Punjab was also released on June 17th; but due to the huge controversy created with this movie, nobody much care to think about this movie which also got released on the same day.

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