Lucknow Cops Street Fight Over Bribe

CRB Tech came across a viral video depicting cops fighting in public view over distribution of extorted money.

Imagine you lived in a society where some of the sentinels fight over bribe! Worse happens when no serious actions are taken. If administration continue to be lenient and police gets into extortion and corruption; what would happen of the country. A recent viral video portrays cops fighting over a bribe on the streets of India.

When we expect the police to fight against crime, no words when you see corruption amongst some of them. It was an embarrassing incident in Lucknow, where cops were seen thrashing each other in full public glare.

The video which was caught on camera by one of the onlookers is going viral across social media. The cops were allegedly throwing blows at each other over a dispute on sharing the bribe money. The money was reportedly obtained from local street vendors.

It’s an open truth that policemen in India take bribes, but to see two policemen fighting over their share of the loot is rather unusual and depicts the progressive sad state of our country.

In the unfortunate and shameful event two of the policemen are seen raining blows on each other, pulling, pushing and jostling in Lucknow. Two others are seen trying to break them free but it is impossible to pull apart the combatants. They even use their lathis against fellow policemen,but fail to prevail. Later they were joined by a senior officer, who also tried to break up the Police personnel fighting each other for the bribe money.

After the footage went viral,local police administration came to action. They said that that the police constable met with an accident some time back and then onwards lost mental balance. He frequently picked up fights with his colleagues.

According to inside story the police station is located on highway that connects Sitapuram to Lucknow and the policemen out there frequently seen extorting money from vehicles that ply on that road, specially the one which carry commercial goods. The eye witness said that a dispute arose due to distribution of money over bribe. Though the senior officials are not coming clear with the fact, but the video portrays all. The only step taken is that the accused constable is sent to the police lines and not yet suspended.

The video is hilarious yet saddening and portrays the ugly state of our country in terms of implementing law and order.

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