Akshay Kumar-Starrer Rustom Brings Sensational Nanavati Case Back In Focus

Akshay Kumar is set again to enthrall audiences with his upcoming film Rustom.
The movie’s trailer is out, and it looks powerful and promising. After giving fans a taste of patriotism at the beginning of the year with Airlift, Akshay will be seen performing in the naval uniform in the film as he plays Commander Rustom Pavri.
Akshay took to Twitter to reveal the trailer with caption: Patriot? Murderer? Traitor? Run up to the judgment day begins.
The trailer starts in 1959 Mumbai, and is inspired by the shocking case of a naval officer, who was tried in court of law for killing his wife’s paramour. Akshay, as previously seen, is looking dashing in the white Indian Navy uniform. The film carries the tag line ‘3 shots that shocked the nation’ seems to be power-pack with suspense and thriller.

The plot of the film looks colorful and appealing. Actress Ileana D’Cruz plays Akshay’s wife in the film. Actor Arjan Bajwa is also seen in the film playing the role of the lover while Esha Gupta is seen playing his sister’s role.
The film also brings back the super jodi of Akshay and director Neeraj Pandey, who is producing the film after the much-accomplished Baby in 2015.
Directed by débutante Tinu Suresh Desai and it’s 12th August release is very much awaited.
The official trailer for Akshay Kumar’s highly anticipated film Rustom was released on Thursday i.e. 30 June, morning.
Clocking in at just over three minutes, the trailer lays out the basic points the film would cover — the dedicated service of Rustom Pavri (Kumar), a commander in the Indian Navy, his an ideal married life with his English-born wife (Ileana D’Cruz), the discovery of her affair with a family friend, Rustom’s subsequent shooting of the paramour, and the court case that followed.
While based on the real life story of Commander KM Nanavati and his shooting of his wife Sylvia’s paramour Prem Ahuja, the trailer of Rustom shows that it explores several other angles that were originally not part of the case and this is how the film’s narrative becomes confusing.
The Nanavati case was amazing for a variety of reasons. It created history by abolition of the jury system in India, created gap between two communities (the Parsis, to which group Nanavati belonged; and the Sindhis — Ahuja was one, as was his sister Mamie Ahuja, who was heavily involved in the court battles subsequent to Prem’s death), and the role the media (especially the tabloid Blitz run by Russi Karanjia) played in shaping public perception of the case and its principal parties.CRB Tech WordPress
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