Drunk Girl Ransacks Police Station After Being held For Drunk Driving

On being detained by the police for driving car under the influence of alcohol, the student created havoc in the police station.

Hell has no fury like a drunk woman. Recently the Worli police discovered last week after it picked up a drunk 21-year-old student and her friends for rash driving, only to be baffled when she got violent and turned the police station chaotic.

CRB Tech has come across reports that, under the influence of liquor, the girl was driving her Vernal car in fast speed and consequently she lost control and collided the sedan into a divider.

When people tried to help, she started abusing them, and when cops reached the spot, she abused them too.

After much drama and efforts and on being brought to the police station for questioning there she created the ruckus.

It happened on June 16, when architecture student Gauri Bhide and her friends were caught for rash driving after she hit her car over a divider and onto a footpath.

In a matter of 10 minutes in the police station, she broke a windowpane, pulled wires out of the computer and threw the computer on the ground and broke several cops’ phones. A police officer who was shooting a video of her antics also had to face her wrath.

When her friends and the cops finally managed to calm her down, the accused were taken to JJ hospital for their medical test. They were charged under Sections 332,279, 353, 427 and 34 of the IPC and held in police custody for a night.
Drunk Girl
A senior police officer Vinay Kulkarni from the Worli police station said that she ransacked the whole police station and hit their cops. They got their custody for a day, after which they were released on bail. They are making a tight case against the accused. On being brought to Worli police station for questioning, she hurled abuses towards the cop and slapped one of them. She even spat at the cops.

The girl is said to be 21-year-old and was accompanied by two boys, 21 and 17, respectively.

After her misbehavior, she was arrested.

To get a proper idea about her wrath and the consequent drama can take a look into the video.

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