Alden More Close To Maine After Nursing Her Back In Italy

CRB Tech Reviews came across the latest update in Alden Richards and Maine Mendozas relationship.

For the first time ever, Mike Tuviera the director of Imagine You & Me revealed that Alden Richards took good care of Maine Mendoza when she fell sick while filming in Italy.

Mike stated that his favorite moment was during the shoot na nagkasakit si Maine. He related in the Imagine You And Me: The Journey TV Special aired in GMA, Saturday morning, July 9.

AldenHe added that she wasn’t feeling well, so we had to delay the shoot.

Mike told that what made the incident memorable, was the fact that Alden initiated to take care of Maine, who was staying at her hotel room to rest that day.

Apparently, Mike also witnessed how Alden looked after Maine’s needs at that time.

The director of Imagine You And Me said that Alden never left her the whole day, so there had to make some changes of schedules or plans.

In the same TV special, Alden and Maine said that they have grown closer during their off-cam bonding moments in Italy.

Alden and Maine

Beside this there are some news that Maine Mendoza is accused of being plastic and snobera.

AlDub phenomenal team has been continuously receiving lot odd defamation for both Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza.

It seems a lot of false news spread without any specific reasons. There are news that Maine has a very bad attitude and that she sterilize her hands with alcohol after shaking hands with fans.

But AlDub nation always comes to the rescue. In fact they get more affected than Maine herself.Even Alden many at time try to see that Maine is not hurt with all the falacies.

Alden always comforts Maine by saying that she shouldn’t bother about the false allegations.Alden himself went through such situations and have started to ignore as a choice. He says that at the end of the day such accusing minds would get tired and these things would stop.


In an article written by Jessica Bartolome of GMA News, it was disclosed that the AlDub love team, shared the teaser posters of their upcoming movie on Twitter.

A couple of teaser posters were shared by the celebrities on their respective social media accounts.

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