Happy And Grateful Employees Gift Their CEO A Tesla

CRB Tech Reviews congratulates Seattle businessman Dan Price who is making headlines for a great reason!

It’s known that happy and satisfied employees bring much productivity and innovation to a business. But Gravity employees went ahead and gifted a Tesla to their CEO, is real heart warming way of expressing gratitude. Tesla happened to be the dream car of Dan Price.

Tesla car

Price, whose decision to score his $1 million salary so he could raise his company’s minimum wage to $70,000, got a beautiful payback from workers.

Matt Dho said via an Email that they have been planning a huge surprise for Dan over the past several months, as a gratitude for all he’s done and sacrificed for them. So they thought of buying him his dream car that is of Tesla brand. Matt is Gravity‘s merchant relations representative.

The surprise was captured on a YouTube video pretty like Price’s 2015 original announcement was filmed. It shows the employees checking out the bright blue Model S car before it was given to Price. And he responded with shock and hugs for all of his employees.

An employee Alyssa O’Neal in the video said that he feels like this is the ultimate way to say thank you for any and all of the sacrifices Dan has made and the negative stuff he had to deal with life in general and Gravity. The employee added that he has gone up to bat for us so we figured we could do something nice for him.

Dan Price

The Seattle Times reported :Price’s gift, a Tesla Model S, has a starting price of $70,000.

Though the pay raise was appreciated by many, it also criticized by others, including employees who thought the raises were unfair to those who earned more and quit. Some Gravity clients took their business elsewhere.

On Thursday, Price posted news of his new Tesla on Facebook, stating: “Shocked. Still in disbelief. He could never imagine this was possible. Gravity employees saved up in over the past six months and bought me my dream car. Along with the news he posted a photo of the gift.

The gift follows Price’ defeating a lawsuit brought by his brother and co-founder Lucas Price, who accused Price of violating his rights as a minority shareholder.

Price hails from Michigan stock. He was born in Lansing, where his father was brought up. His uncle, Rodger Price, and his wife, state Rep. Amanda Price, R-Park Township, live in the Holland area. Price, who grew up in Idaho, occasionally visits Michigan to meet his relatives.

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