Shocking PETA Campaign To Discourage Buying Leather Bags & Accessories

CRB Tech Reviews came across shocking news about PETA’s gory way of making people realize the gruesome act that they support in the name of fashion.

Shimmering, posh Hermes and Birkin showrooms display crocodile skin bags in different attractive colors and fashionistas nonchalantly stroll in and splurge thousand of dollars on something a living being has paid for with its life and convey it at their next red carpet event or whatever puerile frivolous thing they are next up to.


Buying leather contributes to factory farms and slaughterhouses because skin is an economically important byproduct of the meat industry. To mention leather is not environment friendly as it shares responsibility for all the environmental destruction caused by the meat industry and the pollution caused by the toxins used during tanning.

Leather can be made from cows, goats,pigs and sheep; exotic animals like alligators, ostriches, and kangaroos; even dogs and cats, who are slaughtered for their meat and skin in a country, which exports their skins around the world. Because leather is normally not labeled, you never really know the source from where it came from.
Most leather comes from developing countries such as India and China, where animal welfare laws are either don’t exist or not well enforced. In India, a PETA investigation found that workers brutally break cows’ tails and rub chili peppers and tobacco into their eyes in order to force them to get up and walk post collapse from exhaustion on the way to the slaughterhouse.

So in an attempt to stop this trend, PETA came up with something which would shock all insensible people.
They made a fake set up of a pop-up luxury store at a mall in Thailand which had crocodile and snake skin bags, jackets and shoes on exhibition. But when customers unzipped the bags they were under nasty shock. Realistic flesh and blood lined the interior of the bag.
Wanna own a crocodile skin bag? Go ahead, bathe your hands in the gore that goes into creating these useless objects.
Three crocodiles give up their life to create one $40,000 dollar Birkin handbag. The soft underbelly skin of three-year-old crocodiles is required to create these bags. The crocodiles are kept alive while they are skinned and what comes before it is beyond cruel. Scalpels are forced into spines of live crocodiles to push the spine out and then a stick with a pointed head is repeatedly forced into the wound to disorient it. Often during the process, the animals are still alive and writhing in pain.CRB Tech WordPress

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