Prisma Effect Craze Of Star Kids Aryan Khan & Navya Nanda

CRB Tech Reviews found that Prisma effect is a craze not only among the mass but also the Bollywood celebs are going crazy about it.

An app that changes your images in a quirky and detailed way, is formally out on Android.

The craze has hit out star kids as well! Recently, Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan and Amitabh Bachhcan’s granddaughter Navya Nanda laid their hands on the app and shared some beautiful pictures on their respective social media account.


Aryan Khan edited his old picture and the outcome is artistic. While Aryan worked on his older pic, his friend Navya clicked and shared a new picture on social media account and the looks of it says that the outcome is stunning.

It seems that Navya Nanda is grabbing all the attention and is set for a Bollywood debut very soon. Both Navya and Aryan have been best of friends and the duo have been spotted quite a many times partying and vacationing together.

Reports were making rounds that Navya and Aryan might debut in the sequel of Student of the Year 2. The star kids already have a huge fan following and their movie is worth a wait.


If you are in awe of the latest artwork uploaded by your friends on Instagram and Facebook, chances are it’s the handiwork of Prisma .
If you are familiar with with apps such as VSCO, Instagram and Mextures, Prisma works the same way by allowing you to apply filters to your images. But what sets this app apart is that it gives a beautiful art feel to your pictures, changing them completely from their original form.
We have some good news for Android users. Th hugely-popular Prisma photo-editing app is out of beta and beta is now available for all Android users via the Google Play Store.

This photo-editing app was first launched on iOS and quickly became a craze because of its hand sketch-like effects. Users can simply take an image from their device’s camera both front or rear and choose the effects they want to apply. There are a total of 36 filters. For the first timer, applying the filter might take about a minute.CRB Tech WordPress

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