BB Ki Vines Angry Masterji

CRB Tech Reviews has some across many funny videos by BB KI Vines, and here we are writing on the latest video portraying Angry masterjii

Many videos are hosted by individual or groups, most of them are pretty good, and BB Ki Vines is one among them.

Bhuvan Bam a.k.a BB is a performer/song-writer and entertainer from Delhi, India !

He loves to entertain people in many possible ways but mostly through music or laughter.

BB Ki Vines

Bhuvan Bam is a also a music composer and level performer. His income are through his live performances and original melodies. He himself defined that within an interview with Times of Children.

Let’s talk about BB Ki Vines Angry Masterji, a very popular Video series by Bhuvan Bam.

Angry Masterji Video series depicts a very angry teacher who is totally fed up of all the pranks of Bhuvan Bam.

The Video series shows Angry Masterji (the angry teacher) is complaining to Bhuvan’s Father about his various naughty pranks.

BB Ki Vines Angry Masterji is a 7 part Video series.

BB ki Wine

In every part the Angry teacher makes complain about a new prank to Bhuvan’s very simple and humble father.

Angry Masterji series is the most popular Video series of BB Ki Vines.

This video series has got the maximum number of views than other series of BB Ki Vines.

In the last 5th and 6th episodes of Angry Masterji series Bhuvan also introduces Bancho & Fameer Fuddi to the Angry Masterji.

After Seeing them the Msterji got even more irritated by their group.

It is a funky series and you will definitely laugh hard while watching the Videos.

Go through all the videos of BB KI Vines, and you will definitely love them watching.

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