Mohenjo Daro: 7 Things You Should Know Before Watching The Movie

CRB Tech Reviews wants you to know 7 historic facts about the much awaited movie Mohenjo Daro

For the fans of Hrithik Roshan, the wait gonna be over very soon and the Ashutosh Gowarikar movie Mohenjo Daro is all set to hit the silver screen very soon.

With the movie many questions are being raised about how the 3000-year-old civilization will get depicted in the film. While expectations are that there will be no end to critical analysis of this film, but before that you need to know a few things about one of the first civilizations which known to have thrived upon the Indian subcontinent.

Mohenjo Daro

Here we enlisted some of the points:

(1) Mohenjo Daro was located in the Sindh province, presently in modern day Pakistan. It is one of the two major sites of the Indus Valley civilization, the other being Harappa in Punjab.

(2) Amidst many controversies, the date generally agreed is 2500 BC as for the beginning of Mohenjo Daro, while Indus Valley cities have been dated much earlier.

(3) Mohenjo Daro is thought to be the largest city in the Indus Valley measuring an area over 200 hectares. The significant feature of Mohenjo Daro is the sophisticated buildings, with well arranged rooms, toilets and drainage systems.

Mohenjo Daro

(4) The city was very economically planned. The society seem to surpass the hunting-gathering stage of economic life and flourishes in settled agriculture along with other occupations like craftsmanship and trade.

Hrithik Roshan enacts the character of a trader in the film.

(5) As no scriptures available, most things have been deciphered from excavations on stone, terracotta and bronze figurines. One can gain some idea about their lives,clothes and how they interacted with each other. Two of the most popular figurines excavated is that of the ‘dancing girl’ and the ‘priest king’.

(6) As per evidence females wore a large number of ornaments and perhaps head dresses with flowers. Men wore a dhoti like lower garment with a shawl to cover the torso.

Mohenjo Daro

(7) Many theories are there regarding the destruction of the settlement at Mohenjo Daro. One of the first theories suggest invasion by Aryans. It got refuted in the 1950s and the theory of a massive flood destroying the site was provided. The trailer shows that Gowariker must have gone ahead with the flood theory.

Well hope you liked the informations which we tried to share with you.

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