A Bad Day Before The Start Of Rio Olympics

CRB Tech Reviews came across the news that the Rio Olympics did not begin with a smooth start.

Though the Opening Ceremonies for the 2016 Olympics will be held today, the games started since Wednesday with a group stage for women’s soccer. But the Rio officials were nor much well-prepared, evidently losing the keys to one of the two gates of Olympic Stadium.

According to reports,the key for the east gate got misplaced, forcing fans to line up for two hours before being sent to the other entrance.


Reportedly three men, described as firemen arrived on scene with bolt cutters and had to break the lock and open the gate.

Rio had been since a long time in problems and criticism; this incident certainly doesn’t support the case that the city is ready and prepared to host the games safely and effectively.

The problems that Rio organizers have ran into before the Opening Ceremony ranges from disturbing to outrageous.

But this time it’s funny!

As Rio officials lost the keys to the Stadium yesterday, the organizers were unable to access the mixed area of the venue.

In time of despair, when desperate measures were undertaken, as workers had to come in and use bolt cutters to get into the stadium. In a city over six million people,a locksmith was apparently difficult to find.


The way the games have gone, the Olympics looked more like a unmanaged college party rather than a significant international competition. One of the most exciting things of these games might not be if Michael Phelps could get more medals or Usain Bolt sprinting off into the sunset as a winner, but whether the Olympic flame can actually make it into the stadium to end the Opening Ceremony.

Unlike a lot of Olympic years, fans might consciously have to search for simple events like finding keys such that these games be successful.

Athletes from 206 different nations and a refugee team are in Brazil to compete in 28 sports and be watched by billions of global audience.

The development has been dominated by the Zika virus, Russian doping scandal and issues with the city’s security, infrastructure and venues.

But now it is time for the sporting action to take center stage.

Though they are the Games of the 31st Olympiad but is the 28th to be held as those in 1916, 1940 and 1944 did not take place due to war.

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