Couple On Date Caught By Parents!!

CRB Tech Reviews came across this disturbing video in which a couple on date is being hit mercilessly by some arrogant people.

We often hear news about people taking law in hand. Often a fragment of the society considers itself the lawmaker. So is it right taking justice in hand? Noooooo! Have a look into the video and the write up to agree with our opinion.

The video starts with a couple on date or in sober words sitting face to face and discussing something , might be two tech savvies discussing some technology! Nothing obscene going between them. The girl is seen wearing a purple dress with a deliberate effort she covered her head and half of her face with a dupatta to avoid being identified.

To utter surprise after a few seconds a middle aged lady followed a guy came in and without any words, the lady started slapping the seated boy. And the guy hit the girl. It’s really a inhuman gesture to start hitting people without any prior intimation.

It’s human to condemn such act and more unhonorably is a guy hitting a girl. The abusive lady and the guy were followed by three other men, who stormed in and started beating the guy. Then a guy is seen who comes and ask the people to walk out of the restaurant( of smaller scale). He’s seen collecting the mobile devices and then followed them.

Irony is that the onlookers remained silent and kept watching the abuse. Only if they would have come up and rescued the couple!

The worst part is that the parents and the kin thought that the couple is bringing embarrassment to their family…..Little does they know, actually that they are an embarrassment to humanity!

Taking up law or being the lawmaker is not appreciated. The police and the law is there to enact that role if anybody is convicted. Such people irrespective of how they relate to the couple or not, they should be arrested on charges for abuse and assault.

We are not aware what finally happened to the couple or the inhuman people who assaulted them.

Hope everybody gets the tight message through this video : It’s unwise to be the lawmaker!

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