Husband Se Bada Rupaiya!!

CRB Tech Reviews came across Sham Idrees videos that can give good laugh and are at lighter notes.

We often come across news and reports about cheating spouse. Now cheating is bad but this video would make you laugh at the materialistic perspective of a wife who bothers not even being cheated.

This Sham Idrees video is shot with a lighter note, do watch and enjoy the clip….Don’t take it literally and stay tuned with the lighter spirit of the plot.

The video starts with a beautiful couple dating , while a car comes and stop and a another pretty woman all clad in ethnic attire came charging towards them. The husband starts begging for pardon with a repetition that he would not commit such mistake. But the um-consolable wife kept saying that she didn’t expect him to act such. The husband’s girlfriend was witnessing the entire dr5eama silently. Then the wife suddenly broke utterance and expressed her discontent about the fact that her husband forgot to leave at home his credit card and eventually the last day sale got over. It was then unveiled that the wife was not distressed at being cheated at back but because her husband didn’t his credit card for shopping.

Both the guy and his girlfriend were left stunned, and the wife went away after expressing her anguish.

Well in real life such things doesn’t happen , though women loves shopping a lot but their love for their better half is more than any materialistic pleasure.

The video is shoot on a lighter note to be enjoyed and have a good laugh,

Sham Idrees was born as Ehtesham Idrees and made his singing debut with ‘Bolo Na’ in 2012 and topped UK Asian Charts along with his follow-up singles.

Sham is known for his songs and his videos on social media.

To know more about Sham and watch his videos, do follow us on this page of CRB Tech Solutions.

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