Check Out! Zareen Khan’s Bold Scenes In Pyaar Manga Hai

CRB Tech Reviews came across the Bollywood news about actress Zareen Khan who is being trolled over hot love making scenes.

The actress, who made heads turn with her bold avatar in “Hate Story 3” has recently starred in a music video ‘Pyaar Manga Hai’ with Ali Fazal. She says that shooting for such scenes where they have to enact passionate lovemaking scenes; an actress needs to be to be very alert.

Zareen expressed her deapair on the thought that if a big star does bold scenes on-screen it is appreciated but when something similar is done by a relatively lesser known face, people starts labeling it.

The actress also appeared in a bold role in last year’s hit “Hate Story 3”, says she doesn’t understand the disparity between the reception of bold scenes by audience.


Expressing her indifference, she said that she doesn’t understand all these things. But she also doesn’t let them get on her. She said that she doesn’t get bothered or affected by such things. She said that she’s here to perform her work.

The actress says that part of the problem is that many people in the nation look down upon bold scenes, but will be the first ones to watch them.

She continues to say that she feels we live in a hypocritical country, where a lot of people out there who says all negative things about bold scenes, but they won’t avoid watching them.

Zareen also said that there are so many eyes watching you,cameras being placed at various places and you have to be very careful that it doesn’t capture anything wrong, might be a wrong bodyangle, because then it will always be there.


Zareen feels in the midst of all this, if an actor comes out doing such scenes without making them look vulgar, it is a great thing and need to be appreciated.

She said that there is a segment of people who likes her and she’s very happy to get the love and support from them. There is a fraction who doesn’t like her and that is fine. She added that not everybody in this world is supposed to like her.

Zareen who’s 29 now, made her debut opposite Salman Khan in the movie Veer in 2010. The actress then worked in films like Houseful 2 and made a guest appearance in a special number in Ready with the “Dabangg” star.CRB Tech WordPress

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