Watch! Viral Prank Showing Girl and A Guy Getting Dirty In A Cab

CRB Tech reviews bring to you this taxi best prank video that has a lot of oomph factor in it. This one is not just a prank video, but a naughty one in that sense.

The prankster in this video is driving a car. He pretends to be a cab driver looking for passengers. At the beginning of the video, he says that he got a job with some xyz company. As he speaks, comes across this beautiful young lady looking for a ride. No wonder he stops and lets her in. The conversation between the two of them begins.

“How are you doing today?” the driver guy asks her. She replies and says “well”, to which the guys says “very nice” expressing his mood. Immediately, the guy takes a gander at her by looking back and exclaims you “wear sexy!”

Then comes the funny part where he asks the lady about her choice of music as in hip hop etc. Cut to, the car speakers start thumping some loud music as the guy shows us some moves while he drives. Our lady passenger also seems to enjoy the music and joins him in the little shake of the body.

Then comes the surprising part; guess what, this guy touches her stretching his hand behind! Unexpected, that is what we feel too. Then he makes an offer to her, to get dirty and asks her to come to the front seat besides him. The girl gets crazy and comes ahead hastily. The guy shouts saying “are you an animal?” His tone is worth listening.

The naughtiness is about to begin. He checks out and sees if she has Adam’s apple. Helping her tie the seat belt, he touches her assets and goes on pointing at them.

Destination reached….before getting out, she is all over him. Both on the driver’s seat! What a journey!

The video is not funny by any sense. It does not even look like a prank, yet it succeeds in bringing a grin on your face. It is entertaining, that’s all that we can say.

There are other prank videos showing girls gone wild, that are funnier than this one, and you can check them out to have a laugh. In that sense, this one is not at all funny. Prank videos are meant to be laugh riots. But not in this case.

CRB Tech reviews would continue to entertain you with more prank videos.

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