Rock On 2 poster Unveiled

CRB Tech Reviews writes about the recent release of Rock On 2 poster with which Farhan Akhtar and Arjun Rampal returns with Shraddha Kapoor.
For those waiting breathlessly for the sequel of a film that nearly moved us to tears with its first one, a good news is that Rock On 2 is all set to put your inner musician in form with its amazing tracks that’s soon to be released.

Rock On

The first poster is out and from that one can ascertain, it definitely looks like another roller coaster ride of friendship and emotions beautifully weaved with a lot of music and drama. Farhan looks as if he’s gonna enthrall us with his majestic voice, Arjun looks hotter than before, and it will be great treat to the eyes, to see Shraddha singing on-screen, while Purab Kohli is back to cast his spell on us and the latest inclusion, Shashank Arora will definitely be worth drooling over. Do we need to say more?

The film depicts conflict in the North-East region of India. A major portion of the movie has been shot in Shillong. As per reports, the film also includes a folk song in Khassi and a popular local band called Somersault.


RockAs a film that left a great impact on the minds of the viewers, Rock On continues to be everyone’s favorite. Whether it was the film’s story, direction, music or just the way it talked about friendship– every aspect resonated with the viewers.

Farhan took to Facebook to tell his fans about the upcoming poster with the post that read, “The bands back with a new line-up!! #RockOn2 first poster breaks tomorrow at 10am. Are you ready?

The stage is set, the musicians have prepped hard and we are ready to rock. Or rather, Rock On!! 2.

Shraddha Kapoor shared the Rock On 2 poster. The actress who is all set to rock wrote: “Here it is!!! Finding my voice… With the new MAGIK.

The poster is appealing and yes we expect the film to bring some ‘magic’ as the poster claims. The film is slated to release on November 11, which the poster informs along with the film’s tagline, “Every generation finds its voice.”

Shraddha Kapoor had prepped hard for Rock On 2 in terms of singing and has also learned piano . She will be seen singing in the film, and so Farhan.

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