Priyanka Chopra’s Speaks Against Old Notion “Beti Paraya dhan”

CRB Tech Reviews came across a very toucvhing video by Priyanka Chopra on the sensitive opinion that “Beti Paraya Dhan”

Global icon Priyanka Chopra recently spoke about the difficulties of being born as a girl in India and advocated the importance of education to overcome the hardships and hypocrite mindset that women face after their birth..

Priyanka Chopra celebrated Teachers’ Day, in a unique way by posting a video yesterday, which begins with a question, “Is it easy being born a girl in India?”

The one-minute video portrays her saying, “It is very difficult to be a girl in India, since the day we are born, don’t get enough value as compared to boys. Moreover it is told that a girl is a ‘paraya dhan’ i.e. belong to others. And if a family doesn’t have a son then members of that family can’t make place in heaven.

In the heart touching video, the ‘Quantico’ star recollected the importance of teachers, and proper guide especially in the lives of the girls.


Having a tough weapon like an education makes you so much more equipped to deal with everything, it just makes you so much stronger,” stated the Desi girl in the video. The video read “We rise because of our teachers”.

Priyanka’s heart warming Birthday wishes for her late father will leave you in tears.

The video also carried a famous quote by Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, that says, “True teachers help us think for ourselves.”

To mention that Teachers’ Day is celebrated to mark the birth anniversary of India’s 2nd President Dr. Radhakrishnan.

Along with the short clip, she tweeted, “Happy Teachers Day. Every girl deserves education & together, we can make things happen.”

To add that Priyanka Chopra serves as an ambassador for Girl Rising, the campaign to improve girls’ education globally, and Girl Up, a UN foundation. She was appointed as a National Ambassador to UNICEF for children’s rights in the year 2010.


With respect to her profession, PeeCee is set to have the premiere of the 2ns season of her American thriller television series ‘Quantico’ on 25th September.

Peiyanka is also to make her Hollywood debut next year with ‘Baywatch,’ alongside Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron.

Indeed the video is a really welcoming initiative by a star diva. This message would definitely can do wonders in the lives of many.CRB Tech WordPress

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