8 Easy Tips That Will Help You Gain Weight

CRB Tech Reviews writes this blog for those who are in a continuous effort to add some pounds to look attractive.

So how many of you drown yourself in the sea of suggestions on tips to gain weight? This blog is for you!

Both weight gain and weight loss are painstaking, but not impossible. There are many articles that flood on-line speaking about how to lose weight but there are rarely any on gaining weight tips.


Gaining weight is not the easiest task, but here are a few tips for you to get started:

1.First, know how much weight to be gained to be optimum
Get your calculations done. Make sure you don’t push yourselves a bit too much. Keep it easy and steadily increase your pace of reaching your goal.

2. Increase the amount of food intake.
Eat food daily at regular intervals. The secret is 3 meals a day and 2 snacks between them. Not an easy task!

3. A gap of 4 hours does the magic .
Irrespective of how busy or lazy you are,your body needs a constant supply of food. Hence within a gap of four hours, just have a quick munch to keep you going!

weight gain

4. Adopt a diet that includes everything.
Rather than an intake of just one banana every day, pair your food item with other fruits. Top up that banana off with a glass of milk and a spoon of honey such that repetitive meals don’t bore you.

5. Grab a bite before bedtime.
Grab a plater just before you hit the bed. Doctors say a belly full of food helps you fix the tissues you need, while you sleep!

6. Stock your cupboard with milk, cheese, and cream.
An extra glass of milk, a bit of more peanut butter with the sandwich and some extra cheese would act as the troubleshooter.

7. Physical activity everyday will help you a long way.
The age-old secret to fitness, either to gain or lose, has been physical activity. Paired with a right diet, wonders can happen. But be sure not to overdo, that might be hazardous.

8. Keep a watch on the weighing scale.
Regularly monitor your steady progress. An appointment with your weighing machine, everyday at the same time, will be your best attitude.

So hope you liked it!

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