How to Make Ukadiche Modak

CRB Tech Reviews brings you, this time, Ukadiche Modak.

Ukadiche modak is one of the most well-known modak wide range created during Ganesh Chaturthi event in Maharashtra. This season Ganesh Chaturthi is beginning on 5 sept 2016 and as always will last for Ten periods.

A satisfied Ganesh Chaturthi to all the visitors of my weblog. I wish that master Ganesha bestows success, fortune, and delights to everyone. If you are looking for dishes which are created during master Ganesha event then you can examine this record of 51 dishes for Ganesh Chaturthi.


The Ganesh Chaturthi event is one event I have expanded up with. I would see as a kid how the enthusiasts of master Ganesha would carry him and praise him with so much commitment and prayerfulness in components. This component of commitment and appreciation became an important portion of me and is something which I still have. I can never ignore those periods when I would basically delay for Ganesh Chaturthi event and would not like when we had to go away master Ganesha.

I would delay having the sumptuous food, the Prashad or naivedy that was first provided to master ganesha and then to us. This food had its own wonderful a sense of affection and commitment filled in it.

The vegetable food provided on plantain foliage, would involve panchamrit, grain pooris or vades (a malvani formula of puris created from flour including of peas, grain flour etc), steamed grain, a legumes or cauliflower or spud vegetable plate, dal or varan bhaat, kala vatana sambar, bananas sheera and of course and obviously modak – master ganesha’s preferred lovely.


Modak is a preferred lovely of close relatives members too. We all like the lovely jaggery and grape filling within the modak. this filling has a similarity to the filling used in patholi (a Konkani formula of steamed lovely grain flour intricacies produced in Haldi/turmeric leaves). Patholi is lovely that is created during the Gauri – Ganesh event in the areas of Konkan & goa.

I keep in mind having a lot of modaks only during Ganesh Chaturthi and not any other time. I would always ask my mom to create them sometimes and she would not create them. Now, I know why she wouldn’t create them. It requires quite some a chance to create modaks and can be an unpleasant event, especially if you don’t get the factors right.

By exercise, you will understand to create better modaks in your house. Planning modaks does need tolerance & attempt. The pleated or fluted influence on modak comes through exercise. It is excellent if you have the modak fits. They create the filling perform simpler.

This publish is a phase by phase formula with pictures to make modaks in your house. This is Maharastrian modak formula. It’s generally known as ukadiche modak where the modaks are created from ukad or grain flour money. After forming them, the modaks are then steamed.

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