How to reduce fat?

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Everyone wants to look good and everyone wants to be fit but how is it possible and that is what we are going to refer over here. So let us discuss what do you mean by fitness and how can it be achieved. And so fitness is gauged on the basis of the following factors and they are:
1) Cardiorespiratory endurance
2) Muscular endurance
3) Musculoskeletal endurance
4) Body fat percentage
5) Flexibility



1) Cardiorespiratory endurance: Cardiorespiratory stamina is a statistic of how well your center, respiratory system, and muscle tissue work together to keep your body effective over a longer timeframe of time. People can enhance cardiorespiratory stamina by doing a program of aerobic fitness.

2) Muscular endurance: Muscular stamina is the capability of a muscle to maintain recurring contractions against a level of resistance for a longer timeframe of time. Muscular stamina is one of the ingredients of muscular fitness and health, along with muscular durability and power.

An example of muscular stamina is how many periods you can do a relax, or how many periods you can do a bicep curl with a light-to-moderate weight before breaking it.

3) Musculoskeletal endurance: The advantages and quality-of-life outcomes of a fit bone and joint program (musculoskeletal fitness) are reviewed in this article. The World Wellness Organization suggests health is a state of complete actual, mental or social well-being and not merely the absence of illness or infirmity. Wellness includes such characteristics as bodily proportions and shape, sensory acuity, susceptibility to illness and disorders, body system functioning, recuperative capability and to be able to carry out certain tasks. One aspect of actual health is the bone and joint program, which consists of 3 components; muscle durability, stamina, and flexibility. Muscular durability (dynamic) is defined as the maximum force a muscle or muscle can generate at a specific velocity. Muscular stamina is the capability of a muscle or muscle to carry out repeated contractions against a load for a longer timeframe of time.

girl fat

4) Fat loss: The deposition of fat in your body depends on the genetics like ectomorphic, mesomorphic and endomorphic. And the person with ectomorphic genetics would be very skinny and whatever they eat they will gain weight neither muscle nor fat. And the reason being they have a very high BMR which means Basal Metabolic Rate and it states that the rate at which body burns calories at rest. So for them, they should eat high carbs and high fat along with moderate protein intake. The mesomorphic type of body is a fat kind of body almost an egg shaped and this kind of body type make it difficult to lose their weight and for them BMR is too low and muscle is weak for them they should do cardio exercise weekly four times apart from that they should also do heavy strength training workout. Muscle growth and fat loss go hand in hand and they also need an adequate nutrition and it is always 70 % to 30 % that is 70% diet and 30 % workout. Finally the last genetic is mesomorphic such people genetically have good muscles and less body fat and they are gifted. For them, they need to maintain their by doing workouts and following a proper diet and sometimes they can also do a cheat diet.

5) Flexibility: It is the extensibility and elasticity of the body and for strength training workout you need a full range of motions to break the muscle fibers. But if you are not flexible then it will lead to muscle spasm or muscle tear or an injury and so for that, you need to do dynamic stretches to reduce tightness and no to release the stress.

So all the above five points together constitute fitness.

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