Pakistani Cinemas BANS Indian Films Post Surgical Strikes

Next to Uri attack what took social media into storm is the Surgical Strikes. CRB Tech Reviews writes about how Pakistan is reacting to this surprise attack and Pakistani cinemas bans screening of Indian films post the strike.

Pakistan’s theater owners unanimously decided to boycott and ban screening of Indian movies until border tensions between the two countries subside. However, the Pakistani government has not yet made any official directive in this regard.

The decision aired on Thursday after the Indian Motion Picture Producers’ Association (IMPPA) announced that it would impose a ban on Pakistani artistes working in India, as per reports.

IMPPA passed a resolution to BAN Pakistani artists in India until things become neutral.


In the past week, Bollywood films namely Pink and Banjo had released. And during the release of M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story, today could have released there, its distributor IMGC Global Entertainment withheld it as it was felt that the movie could have anti-Pakistan elements in its narrative, the company’s head Amjad Rasheed told IANS over phone from Dubai.

Super Cinema owner Khorem Gultasab said that he has stopped screening any Indian films at his facilities.

To this Sidharth Malhotra defends his ‘Kapoor & Sons’ co-star Fawad Khan over MNS threat to BAN Pakistani actors!

Surprisingly Cinepax , Pakistan’s largest network of cinemas have not yet banned any Indian movies, as stated by a senior official of the cinema chain but it would follow suit if film exhibitors take a mutual decision in this regard.

The ban is so far an initiative taken by cinema owners and not the government, clarified Mandviwalla, who added that it has been taking us some time to bring everyone on the same page.

Meanwhile, Gultasab said he is urging other exhibitors to ban Indian films so that the industry stands united.

The cinema owners added that this ban would continue until the Indian government offers Pakistani artists complete protection.


Renowned Pakistani filmmaker Jami agreed with Gultasab, said that there are Indian drama serials playing on TV all the time and you have DVD shops selling Indian films. Why only target Indian cinema? If a ban is intended, then all Indian content should be banned.

On Thursday, Indian film producers passed a resolution to ban anyone of Pakistan nationality from working in Indian films.

With hopes we conclude that such tension gets over very soon and both the countries enjoy a brotherhood and peace.CRB Tech WordPress

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