The Last Love Story Ever : Mirza-Sahiban

Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra’s Mirzya was released yesterday which introduced a pair of fresh faces; Harshvardhan Kapoor & Saiyami Kher. Mirzya has everything that a musical romance needs, penned by Gulzar, great Bollywood genes, a strong supporting cast, and lilting music. Well we won’t be focusing on the Mirzya movie update; but CRB Tech Reviews brings it’s readers the earliest recorded story, first written by Shayer Pillo, which then became the inspiration for many other writers and poets.

Mirzya is based on the folktale which didn’t get manipulated in history. A tale that says that Men not always unfaithful and women not always victims.


People say that Love has lost it’s virtue! In this age of Tinder, where finding love is just a matter of a few swipes, the emotion seems to have lost its worth. Eventually the modern love stories have lost their charm.

Deep down, we all pine for a love story that touches us to the core. Hence we need to take a look on the folk tales of Punjab. With some iconic love stories since the ages and the last among them is the heartbreaking story of Mirza-Sahiba.

Mirza and Sahiba grew up together in a small town, in Punjab which is now part of Pakistan. Mirza’s parents happened to sent him to that village for his education and this is how he came to live at Sahiba’s home. Mirza and Sahiba were classmates and soon became friends. Everyone in Sahiba’s family were against the stay of Mirza at their house, except Sahiba’ father.


As they grew up, Mirza became a valiant archer, Sahiba, turned into a beautiful young maiden. One fine day, when Mirza saw Sahiba buying vegetables from a local vendor, he was blown away by her beauty and fell madly in love. He just felt losing to his senses, he was awestruck by Sahiba’s beauty and true you never know when love happens.

Soon, both of them fell in love. But unaware of the tragic end to their beautiful love story, they got lost in each other’s world.

Sahiba’s father and brothers found out and were very furious. They were upset with Mirza and angry with Sahiba as the matter was kept in darkness. They sent Mirza back to his village because they felt cheated.

The problem was that though Mirza and Sahiba were cousins; but Mirza’s mother and Sahiba’s father were nursed by the same woman. Hence, they were ‘milk siblings’ and using that logic, Mirza and Sahiba could not marry.

They eventually fixed Sahiba’s marriage with another man. Sahiba resisted but none listened to her cries. When Mirza learned about this, he got on his horse, Bakki and rode to Sahiba’s village.

They eloped on the night of marriage of Sahiba, and when she was found missing then her relatives were filled with rage. They swore to kill Mirza and rode out looking for the couple.

After riding for hours, Mirza got tired. He decided to take a nap under a tree inspite of Sahiba’s repeated pleadings thet they must move on until they were far enough.

But being the mightiest archer around, Mirza was stubborn, as he knew that none could harm him and refused to listen to Sahiba and went off to sleep.

An worried Sahiba knew that if her brothers arrived and attacked Mirza, they would get killed. She talk away all his arrows and broke them all in half. She believed that she could plead to her brothers for Mirza’s life, She thought that they wouldn’t hurt the man who was the purpose of living.


Unfortunately things didn’t work out the same as Sahiba imagined. Her brothers caught sight of Mirza, shot an arrow piercing his throat. Waking up from his slumber, Mirza reached out for his bow and arrow, only to find them broken. He felt cheated. His eyes begged for an answer from Sahiba as another arrow came flying in Mirza’s direction and pierced him in his stomach. Sahiba was speechless!She jumped on to Mirza’s dead body, such that the arrow pierce her too. As the brothers came closer ,both Mirza and Sahiba died a silent death.

The tale of Mirza-Sahiba is often regarded as the last love story known from Punjab.

In every other folk romance from Punjab – Heer-Ranjha, Laila-Majnu – the girl’s name comes first. But since Sahiba betrayed Mirza, his name precedes her name.CRB Tech WordPress

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