Befikre trailer is mindblowing

Bollywood wants to make love stories, and every following love tale statements to be different. This is a market that has a lovely tale like Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya which is, to be honest, the new generation’s DDLJ, and we also have love experiences like Fan, which is more emotional.

Guess what??

Aditya Chopra’s next directorial, Befikre, is also expected to be “different” and “unlike anything he’s created before”

The several paper prints that were exposed before the film’s movie trailer managed to get seem like a movie about two crazy, adolescents who liked to kiss. From the director who actually created DDLJ, this was quite the tangent.

The Befikre movie trailer is 2-odd moments of an expansion of all the paper prints we’ve seen so far. Both the brings, Vaani Kapoor (who performs Shyra) and Ranveer Singh (who performs Dharam) are proven untroubled and uninhibited.

The indicators are there; she has red locks, he slaps a cop for a date with her, they have several one-night-stands (and neither are, obviously, looking for something serious), there’s a lot of liquor and dance and canoodling engaged.

And that’s about it. We don’t get to see beyond the one-liner of the movie that we’ve known about all along. This truth is at one time positive and negative. At a duration of over-information and trailer that fairly much expose the whole movie in 3 moments, this is an excellent depature and keeps the surprisingly aspect excellent.

However, after near to seven paper prints, we were patiently waiting to see something else.


The organic query to ask is, what happens after the dirt settles? Befikre informs you of movies like Buddies With Advantages and No Post Connected, and even in those movies the partners gradually drop madly in really like. Given this is a Yash Raj movie, it is secure to say that these two will drop madly in really like. And if they don’t, we’ll be excellent satisfied.

Bollywood has never had a movie where control couple does not drop madly in really like. That is an exciting idea to discover because even in actual lifestyle, we have so many relationships/flings that don’t actually end up in love/marriage. Befikre will be the first movie in a lengthy a chance to get rid of the “love” cause.

Right now, the concerns are turning up, but that’s a job well done on a trailer’s aspect. Ranveer and Vaani have excellent chemical comprise, and a good-looking movie always goes a lengthy way.

The Befikre movie trailer was presented at a wedding organised near the Eiffel Tower in Paris in the existence of the city’s mayor, Angel Hidalgo.CRB Tech Woprdpress

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