Exercise To Cut Alcohol Health Risks

Today in the health section CRB Tech Reviews write about how exercise can cut down alcohol health risks.

New research data suggests that exercise might offset the higher risk of deaths associated with drinking alcohols in large quantity.

In an analysis of data from eight UK population-based surveys, the link between drinking alcohol and the risk of death from all causes was weaker among people who met or exceeded minimum weekly physical activity recommendations. To specify, the added risk for dying of cancer tied to drinking was nearly erased among regular exercisers.

fitness or alcohol

The research findings support previous studies suggesting that drinking alcohol and physical activity are both linked to chronic disease but works in opposite ways.

In a previous study, heavy drinking was shown to enhance the risk of death by 32% to 54%. A recent review linked alcohol to multiple types of cancer. But high levels of physical activity have been linked to a significantly lessened risk for breast and colon cancer in multiple studies.

The study mentioned here is one of the first to examine whether an association exists between the health benefits of physical activity and the increased risk of death associated with drinking alcohol.

Using data from the annual, nationally representative Health Survey for England and the Scottish Health Survey that included information about drinking and physical activity, scientists looked at 36,375 adults aged 40 and older.

fitness and alcohol

Among them, 4,845 people drank more than recommended weekly alcohol limits which is 14 drinks for women and 21 for men. Among people who reported having had a drink during the previous week, the average quantity was slightly more than six drinks. Across the study population, more than a quarter of the participants ~ 28% reported no physical activity, meaning they didn’t get the recommended 150 minutes of moderate to intense exercise weekly. 39 % attained the minimum amount and about 23% reportedly exercising more.

Occasional drinking seemed to help protect against deaths from all causes and heart disease deaths among adults who got the recommended amount of exercise, as per the findings of the research.

The study mainly emphasize the role of exercise in health, even if people engages in unhealthy behaviors, like taking lots of alcohols.

We conclude here.

Well this blog no ways support or recommends you to take alcohol and then exercise. The blog simply narrates that exercise might cut the risk of alcohol related health issues. We say everybody should do exercise daily either you drink or not to stay fit and healthy.

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