4 Things You Should Do Before Every Workout

WE have a natural tendency to want to start right into a workout.

But failing to take the correct steps before each training session can impair your results, if not cause injury and long-term ailments.

A well planned start and warm up would be very effective workout, CRB Tech Reviews write here four quick steps to keep in mind.

#1: Eat half an hour before Training

If your workout takes place in the morning, try a small green smoothie beforehand.

Many people go to the gym without proper fueling for their workouts.

warm up

Whether you do workout the first thing in the morning, you are often misguided with the notion that training on an empty stomach burns more fat, and that is incorrect.

If you train just after waking up chances are you’ve gone as long as 12 hours without eating. Your body is starved and hence unlikely to perform its best.

A pre-workout meal will provide you the required energy and stamina.

If your workout takes place just minutes after waking up, why not try a workout shooter? Mix a scoop of whey protein with a glass of watered orange juice to break your fast and provide the nutrients needed for your morning training.

#2: Use a Foam Roller 10-15 Minutes Before Training

After just 10 minutes on a foam roller you will feel more active and be able to perform your workout more efficiently.

There’s a reason many pro athletes have deep tissue specialists working on them before games and practices. Such treatment improves muscle quality, breaks up knots in tissue and increases mobility.


#3: Do Dynamic Mobility Work 10 Minutes Before Training

Static stretching is no wrong. But just as a warm rubber band stretches more easily than a cold one, save static stretching for after the workout.

Prior to training,focus on dynamic mobility, full body movements where the stretch is held for only one to two seconds in each position. Researches are showing that those who engaged in dynamic warm-ups enjoy more long-term gains in mobility and flexibility, along with strength compared to others.

#4: Do a Workout-Specific Warm-Up before the start of Training

Performing warm-up sets at 40 to 70 percent of your one-rep maximum for each of the major lifts you plan to do is an effective way to prevent injury and improve performance during your “work” sets.

So hope this finds you in good tone.

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