Best 5 Cardio Workouts

Some of you work hard to develop muscle and the thought of sweating through cardio makes you wince, might be you hate clocking time on the treadmill, or you fear your well-earned muscle will take a hit. This CRB Tech Reviews‘ blog would definitely change your mindset.

Of you can run 80 miles a week and never touch a weight, you’ll definitely drop muscle fast. But, why not work smart? Cardio can boost cognition and add three years to your life.

In words of Valentin, the key to getting lean and sustaining muscle mass, is by doing exercises that combine strength training and cardio.

From flipping tires to pushing sleds, these killer cardio workouts will build muscle, boost your endurance, and shred that layer of excess fat for good.

1) Sled Push and Pull (with rope)
Attach a rope to the end of a sled, and sprint out while pushing the sled until the length of the rope. When you run the full length of the rope, turn around and sprint back to the end of the rope, grab tight, and pull it back to you, then gear up for the next lap.

weight push pull

Repeat 10 laps.

Lap 1: weight of sled
Lap 2-5: increase weight each lap by 15-45lb
Lap 6-9:
reduce weight each lap by 15-45lb
Lap 10: weight of just sled

Lap 1: 15 seconds
Lap 2-5: increase by 5 seconds each lap
Lap 6-10:
lessen by 5 seconds each lap 

SETS: 2-3

2) Weighted Box Jumps

Stand in place with feet shoulder wide apart, and jump onto a box with a weighted vest or holding a dumbbell. Step back down to land safely, but do focus on going as fast as you can while maintaining proper balance

Weighted Box Jumps

15 jumps fast
er you can in 1 minute, for 10 minutes

The amount of time remaining after you completed 15 jumps in the one minute

3) Sledge Hammer to Tire

With a sledge hammer, place one hand on the top of the handle and one on the bottom, then hit the tire . Slide your hands together to the bottom of the hammer in mid-swing to generate more power. Reset your hands for every swing.

Sledge Hammer to Tire


40 seconds work

20 seconds rest

4)Agility Ladder & Suicide Sprints

Step fast through the agility ladder, and then go straight into suicide sprints. Sprint out 15 feet, then sprint back to the starting point. Then sprint out 32 feet, back to the start, then out 45 feet, and back to the starting line.

Agility Ladder & Suicide Sprints


REST: 1 minute


5) Battle Ropes

Hold onto the ropes and move your arms as fast as you can while switching up your variations of swing: rope slams, rope circles, and over under.

Battle Ropes

REPS: 40 seconds work

REST: 20 seconds rest

SETS: 10 minutes

Hope this finds you good condition.

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