CBFC Released The Clip Of Anushka-Ranbir Kissing

ADHM’s censor certification got leaked out on the internet and it shows 5 minutes such as Anushka-Ranbir’s KISSING scene were sliced from the video. CRB Tech reviews.

OMG! Viewers would miss it.

Karan Johar’s movie censored with U/A certification that also has Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in the lead together with Anushka-Ranbir lastly protects a secure launch but the Censor has accepted it by cutting 5 minutes.

Here is the click:


An overview of the certification has gone popular and CBFC began with the Half cut on Alizeh aka Anushka Sharma’s smooching moments and then goes on to cut out conversation which was considered too questionable.

What all were censored?

Cut the smooching scene by Alizeh by Half, whenever it happens. Removed the conversation ‘Kiska Zyaada Hot Hai’ and changed it to ‘Kaun Zyada Hot Hai?’, Removed the conversation ‘Saraswati Ko Dabao’ with ‘Saraswati Ko Chupao’ last but not least, Removed the conversation with graphics – ‘Umar Mein Badi aur experience mein bhi kamaal hai,”.

It seems like Karan Johar’s movie, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, is not going to take a sigh of comfort until it lastly gets launched in the cinemas.


Poor boy!

After battling a long-running war against MNS for its launch, the video is creating information for the supposedly leaked out Censor Panel certification which reveals all the cuts created in the video.

ADHM to release by Diwali

Previously it was stated that there were no significant reductions being made in the video as it is child performer about love, and the event of Diwali when it is launching, appears for the same. However, according to a study in Bollywoodlife.com, an image of the film’s Censor Panel certification demonstrates five cuts have been made to the video.


But what is it about these moments that the CBFC had an issue with? Well, if you look at image a bit carefully, you can clearly study what all has been sliced off from the video.

To start with, Anushka Sharma, who performs the of Alizeh, has kissing moments in the video, which have been decreased to 50% now.


Adding to it, some of the dialogues have also been improved or created ‘sanskari’ according to the board. For example, ‘Kiska Zyaada Hot Hai has been modified as ‘Kaun Zyada Hot Hai?’, another conversation ‘Saraswati Ko Dabao’ has been modified to ‘Saraswati Ko Chupao’ last but not least, the board has made a decision to remove a conversation along with its graphics all together.

The conversation goes, ‘Umr Mein Badi aur encounter mein bhi kamaal hai.’

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